Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   B.I.T,Bangalore -6 Apr 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   B.I.T,Bangalore -6 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi ?  

    Infosys visited BIT on April 6th 2007 and I got thru?  

    Here I?m giving you the details abt the test and all u wanted to knw?



    1) As of now Infy is offering 2.7 p.a. They said tat there are 90% chances of increasing the pay to a max of 3.0 p.a.

    2) Infy has a bond for 1 yr.

    3) The training is at Mysore

    4) If you are not selected then you cannot write for Infy for a period of 9 months



    I think it is 65% in 10th, 12th n BE with a 5% relaxation in any one?


    STEP 1:


    The PPT is for abt 90 min..

    Go through the company website on the day before?collect all the relevant details and make a note?it will be much easier for u to follow the PPT..

    Make a note of the HR?s name..

    Be prepared to answer questions like ?Why Infosys?? or ?What do u knw abt Infosys?? in the HR round?


    STEP 2


    You will have to fill an application form?make sure u fill it accurately?

    Take 2 recent passport size photographs (imp)

    The form will include the following details ?

    1)Personal details

    Like name, address, phone no etc

    2) Family details

    Like name n occupation of parents..

    3) Educational background

    Like marks, university, month n yr of passing..

    U will have to include all languages, pracs, and optionals in the total

    And avg is calculated as

     Total marks obtained in all sems/total max marks

    4) Other details like

    Vision: It is 6/6 for normal vision

    Major Illness + date: write NA if not applicable

    References of people working at Infosys : if any


    You get 30 min to fill the application form


    STEP 3:



    45 MINUTES


    We had 5 sections each with 5 divisions

    1) Puzzle based on direction sense?easy

    Something like?

    P,Q,R and S are standing at the 4 corners of a square?n/w ,n/e,s/w n s/e respectively?

    N something like?If P and R move one and a half distance in the clockwise direction?Q and S one n a half in the anticlockwise direction then in

    which direction is P with respect to S?something like tat

    All the sub questions were based on the similar pattern


    2) Figure Completion?.tricky?a little tough 

    5 figures in a series were given  n we had to find the missing figure

    It was a little tough ?try n go through RS Aggarwal Verbal n Non Verbal Reasoning to get a hang of these kinds of questions..


    3) Data Sufficiency?.easy

    A question was given followed by 2 statements We had to mark

    1) If the first statement alone was enough to answer the question

    2) If the second statement alone was enough to answer the question

    3) If the both the statements were required  to answer the question

    4) If the question cld not be answered using both the statements

    5) If either statement alone was sufficient to answer the question


    A little practice from RS Aggarwal Verbal n Non Verbal or any CAT material will help u answer these kinds of questions


    4) Data Interpretation?.questions were direct but need quick calculations

    We were given a table tat had the info abt the sales of 3 companies A,B n C for different years..1990 to 1998..

    The total sales n price/unit was given..

    We had to calculate stuff like

    1)      avg price/unit of company C

    2)      the percentage increase in the no. of units produced by Company A from 1991 to 1992

    3)      the year in which the no. of units produced by Company C decreased a second time

    4)      The year in which maximum no of units were produced?something like tat

    The price/unit was given in decimals like 3.4 n the sales something like 501 etc.. hence there was a lot of division to do?try to approximate the values n calculate wherever comparison is involved? Practise from RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude ..try timing ur self?

    5)      Puzzle based on Blood Relations?easy

    A family with members A,B,C,D,E and F?.2 married couples?3 females?n the relations among them were given?

    N questions like..Which of the following pairs represents a married couple?Etc were aske

    Draw a family tree?it?ll help u answer the questions

    6)Logical deductions

    In this section abt 5 statements were given n we had to find  out which of them were logically related?

    These were not the usual syllogism(all,some etc) type..

    It was more like..

    a)      T is taller than Q

    b)      R and S are of the same height

    c)      T is taller than S

    d)      R is shorter than T

    e)      Some other statement

    Which of these are logically related?

    1)eab    2) abc  3)cbd   4)ade


    Others had statements like The avg salary was increased by 15%...etc

    I think it is best to go with the answer options n choose the most appropriate one?



    You get 2 comprehensions both were quite simple?but do the comprehensions at the the questions briefly ?then read the comprehension with proper concentration, understanding each statement?u can easily answer the questions 5 in each

    10 Sentence Completion

    4 statements almost the same but with some difference..mark the one which is grammatically correct..look for spelling mistakes..grammar errors etc?

    10 questions based on choose the best option to replace the underlined part.. 

    Simple paragraphs were given n questions were asked like which of these statements can be inferred from the para, which is false according to the para etc?


    STEP 5:

    In the HR round u are basically asked abt ur self, ur résumé. There are no tech questions asked n even if asked it will be very basic stuff?

    They also ask puzzles?u need not solve them..they only look at ur approach..


    The questions I was asked..

    1) Tell me abt ur self

    2) If u were to organize an activity in our company that is fun, stressful and involves physical activity wat wld u organize n how wld u go abt doing


    3)Abt any project or computer course tat I had attended

    4) Any questions??


    They hardly eliminated people in the is enough if u speak confidently..

    Getting thru Infy is not tough at all?If ur good with ur Apti n have a good command over English its enough..


    All the Best?

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