Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Amritsar College Of Engg.-10 Apr 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Amritsar College Of Engg.-10 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frnds, On 10th & 11th Infosys visited the Amritsar college for placement of Engg. Students . There were more than 1500 student who were present at the campus . After the apt. round only 142 got thru . In the end i.e after the interview around 70 of them were selected. By god grace I was one of them.
    Firstly in the morning we had a seminar in which we were told wht our designation would be after getting thru( i.e Software Engg.),what was the pay scale, duration of bond, facilities in Infosys , abt scope of future studies etc. After the seminar we had a break of abt 1hr and then apt test.

    It consisted of 2 sections :
    1 --- logical reasoning: The paper consisted of 30 question to be answered in 40 mins. The paper were based on topics :
    Data sufficiency
    Data interpretation
    Puzzles(not in our paper but mostly present)

    The level of this paper was medium. Maths questions were typical and required practice before hand.

    2 --- English :
    The paper consisted of 40 question to be answered in 30 mins. The paper were divided in
    Reading Comprehension
    Best fitting phrase
    Word meanings
    Conclusion based questions (a small story was given)

    The level of this paper was medium if u r a CBSE student . It was more like the CAT English paper . Reading speed was a crucial part of success in this section . After this paper we were given a rest of abt 2 hrs , then our result was out and 142 out of us were selected . then we had an interview.

    This was the last stone which was to be turned so as to get into Infosys . my interview was taken by a IIM ?A professor . he asked general question on current affairs , ur basic knowledge, politics etc. Your CV /

    Resume holds the key to ur success and to most of the question that will be asked to u . In the end the rslt was declared and luckily I was one of the selected candidates. For preparation , Study:--
    1- R.S.aggrawal (logic reasoning )
    2- Shakuntla devi (puzzles to puzzles)
    3- Geogre Summers

    I wld like to thank my family for supporting me day in and day out (Specially my Mom) ,and hope one day u will also bring smile on ur family?s face . Best wishes from my side .

    Mandeep Singh

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