Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Amritsar-10 Apr 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Amritsar-10 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello friends ,,,, i m  sahil from g.n.d.u. i would like to thank the whole fresherworld members and those who submitted there experiences and questions of exams they appeared for,,, i will also like to thank all my friends and off-course my nears and dears .,,,,,,

    i gave infy. exam on 10th april in amritsar luckily i made through it...  
    a total of about 800 students gave the written test out of which only 143 were shortlisted for interview and out of them 92 were declared placed.

    Written test:
    duration- 45 min
    questions -30
    the test was tough but can be cleared with not much trouble if one lays emphasis on time management .....and off-course c2d policy can give help

    Q 1-5   data interpretation (need presence of mind) i don't remember the full question but it was almost like ----
    gopal and mohan bought 2 types of trees lemon and coconut in the ratio 1:5
    gopal spent 2 lacs in other thingd like levelling,labour etc,,they totally invested  12 lakhs after they  sold coconuts they got 5,00, revenue ,,,  total field was 5 hectares ,, and the output of fields were in the ratio 2:3 ,,they sold a coconut for Rs.5 ques. were on to find the number of coconuts , the number of lemons total revenue of lemon etc ....ths was quite time consuming question

    Q6-10images question five figures were given in each  question ,, and we have to find the 6th of it from the options ,,(do it carefully)

    Q11-15data sufficiency(very easy)
    one quest was        ::   is g+3>h+2?
    1.g>0and h>0   2.cube of g >cube of h
    these question test the basics of a person these can be simple quadratic equation to  even plus or minus questions...
    Q16-20 a mix of data interpration and puzzle test (easiest ,,, mostly candidates did it orally )mainly it was like puzzle test but a tabular data  was given to give it data interpretation type look,,,, i m sure everybody might have done it without much trouble
           1996  1997  1998  1999  2000
      a    30   31      20      27      32
           some data was given like that  i don't remember exactly
    1.  brand for which shares increases 3 times in a row is called 'strogn brand '
    2. almost same sentence as 1 with consistent brand
    some data as same as 1st was given ,, questions  was to find the most consistent brand, to find the strongest brand..

    Q20-25 puzzle test (tricky one)
    ram ,lakhan and kishan are doctor,teacher and enggineer respectively ,, all are married with wives sita, gita and radha not in the same order ,,also working and some conditions were given such as
    1.techer's wife also teaches
    2.a secret affair of 2
    rest i can't remember sorry
    the quest was to find -1who is doctor ,2 who is married to ram 3 who is martried to engg. 4. 5.aomething like that

    Q26-30 syllogism (easy )
    remember all nine rules given in R.S.Aggarwal verbal and non-verbal

    the test can be cleared with ease and comfort but ensure that u keep it exactly in time  ,, first do syllogism  5 questions will be done in atmost 2 minutes thn do data sufficiency (these 2 sections are straight forward quetion with no link to each other hence max. chance to get max. correct) then do puzzles as most students are strong in this region atmost 5-7 minutes after wards do as u like to other questions as all other are more time consuming

    English : duratin-30 min  question-40
    English was basic but you have to be very careful
    Q1-5 a big reading comprehension (need a lot of concentration)
    Q6-10 reading comprehension but not so big
    rest i don't remember the sequence
    some 5 questions were on sentence correction (be careful ,all options are almost alike  )you have to gramatically strong to get on these one's

    soem 5 questions were on inference ,,( deduce wht the paragraph say)
    i remember one was like ---- jim corbett was a famous tiger hunter ,he went to some forest in search a girl whom a tiger has taken with it ,, when he got to the tiger, he was with a colie,,, tiger has just finished eating the girl   ,, despite of seeing jim corbett the tiger did't moved ,,,
    options were lik
    1' tiger was used to see jim corbett
    2' animals unlike humans are not greedy and  kill only when they are hungry
    3' tiger was scared of jim corbett's colie (a name was given a don;t remember)

    other questins were grammer like fill in the blanks with appropriate words ,, etc  i can't remember more queations sorryyyyyy

    interview was simple and could be easily cleared unless you create a havoc or do some blunder inside the cabin tips--- they were least interested in percentage , so don;t fear even if you are in relaxation category   ,, they did't even saw mine file ,, just asked for copy of my resume , so keep an extra copy of resume with you and also they will make you sign a attendane sheet , so have a pen of you,, (it doesn't look nice when you ask them for pen)
    i entered
    interviewer(s) -- so have a seat
    me-- thank you sir
    s-so ...... sahil, sign it here
    me-yes sir (and i took out my pen and signed where he said)
    s-can you tell me the president of west-indies
    me-sir, i hav in my information ,that west indies is not ruled and some  islands have joined ... collaborated to make one west indies and they do not hav a single leader
    s-excellent , not many students hav got it so far
    me-thank you , sir.
    how many centimetres go for an inch?
    me- sir, two and a half
    me thank you, sir
    s-so what your father do?
    me- told( be precise,, specially if you belong to bussiness family )
    s-(he looked on resume and....excited to see cricket in my hobbies )
    me-yes sir
    s-so which big event on cricket in going on these days?
    me -sir, world cup is on
    s-can you tell me who mada the fastest century this time?
    me-(i as not watching matches for last some days but i knew about mathew hayden a little bit) sir, mathew hayden , in 66 no 67 balls.(still am not sure 66 or 67 or 65 wht is it )
    s- who is the leading wicket taker?
    me-sir, actually i m not follwing the matches for last 10-20 days,so i don't have any updates regarding that thing ,,,
    s- (he saw my percentage and asked me ) are you sure you got the exact %age ,is it exact what you hav mentioned here.. we are selectring you on these details , nothing should be fake (i think he tried me on with my confidence here)
    me- (i was scared a lot at ths point but somehow i managed to say.. )yes sir, i m sure ,, only a difference of some fractions can be there but itcannot not be that much which can change or my eligibility.
    s-ok,sign it here(he mede me sign on tht form under my %age )
    me -yes sir(i signed)
    s-tell me the currency of china?
    me-sir, yen.
    s- tell me currency of japan?
    me - sir, i don't hav any idea .
    s- yen is the currency of japan nad yawn is of china.
    me -thank you ,sir(i think he liked this thing )
    s- tell me currency of france?
    me -sir , i don't hav any idea
    s-three big indian deals hav been signed in recent past , name them?
    me -sir, arcelor mittal
    s- is that an indian deal ?
    me - no sir ,sorry sir,, it is tata chorus
    sir,i can't remember any other now.
    s-who is the prsident of india?
    me-sir, he is Dr,A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.
    s- ok sahil; you can leave now
    me -than you sir

    (i think he basically looked on general awareness ,even my answers were not ful correct , and he also might have noticed i only told which i got inmind straight away ,, be it arcelor mittal deal, or yen ,, but he corrected me with that and imediately i also regretted for i was wrong,, i think he liked this thing )
    after some time the name of all 92 selected students were anounced ,, we four friends together went to give the exam all cleared  written exam ,, and three made it to placement but unfortunately a friend of our's couldn't make it through the interview,, please pray for him that he also getplaced as soon as possible 


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