Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Walchand Sangli-20 Mar 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Walchand Sangli-20 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends!!!!!!!!!!!!Cheer to see you !!!!!!!!
    ok. I got placed in infy @ 20 march 2008 in Walchand sangli
    the selection procedure was

    1.An Aptitude test 

    -A verbal Section (40 marks)30 minutes.
    -A Quanti section (30 marks)40 minutes.
    -Quanti contained A verbal puzzle (like sitting arrangement.)
    logical analysis, syllogim etc. (refer abhijit guha's book ......actually its more than enough)
    Verbal section
    -Two passages
    -sentence correction
    -find correct sentence
    -fill in the blanks
    (refer a genrel grammer book & practice previous papers)

    2. Interview 

    in case of me it was a discussion more & less interview.
    Actually this happened....
    i entered in the room & asked for permission to sit.
    hr interviewer to whom i faced was a lady near about 35-37 .
    i: good evening ma'm.
    she: Good evening. u can sit.
    i: thanx ma'm.
    (then she told me to sign me some documents & asked is it ur real marks???????? i just shocked & thought why she is doing so?.but keeping control i replied yes & smiled.
    She also smiled & i got the point)
    she: ok sumit tell me about ur city.
    i: told .
    she:ok nice.tell me about urself.
    i: i m sumit my strong points are ...bla bla.........(i avoided to mention my family bk. deliberitely.)
    she: tell me abt ur family bk.
    i:my father is civil eng....bla bla....
    she: (smiled)..ok why did u joined walchand college?
    i:ya ma'm i was able to continue with coep also ....& convinced her(i thought she satsfied & smiled then i also smiled).
    she:tell me abt leadership.
    i:aleader should have.................bla bla(i smiled at end .she was also satisfied with answer)
    she:ok tell me abt ur hobby ,xtra curricular,project, how u manged ur teammates??????/
    i:answerd prpperly.

    after she gave me 2 puzz. i solved correctly. she asked the method i used to solve puzz.
    she: ok thanku sumit.
    i: thanku ma'm .have a plesnt eveng.she smiled.

    my approch was only to give inteview with a +ve approach. & finaly i got selected.

    in our walchand college of eng, sangli 155 students were shotlisted & 90 were selected.

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