Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   United College Of Engineering,Allahabad-29 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   United College Of Engineering,Allahabad-29 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    By- Swapnil Dubey

    Two sections ?
    1.quantitative + verbal ability(30 questions-40 minutes)
    2. English(40 questions-30 minutes) 

    Total questions- 6(5 subparts each)

    1. A puzzle which involved 7 athletes and 100 mts and 200 mts event. 5 situations were provided.5 questions were asked,like who came first in 100 mts  etc. One of the toughest question.
    1. In this 5 figures are given and we have to strike the odd one out. Easiest among the questions. even a 5th class student can do it.

    Refer ?R S Agarwal.

    1. Data interpretation  Easy but involved lots n lots of, big n complex calculation involved. Good for nothing. Try this at the last.
    1. Another puzzle involving 5 question. It was such we cant solve it randomly i.e. if  You didn?t solve the 1st part and add its info in the list you wont be able to solve 2nd question. Not very tough.
    1. Data Sufficiency. Very easy ,but do atleast 50 question in this otherwise it might prove difficult. Question involved basic geometry,age problems. Simillar to the way asked in CAT papers.
    1. Data Redundancy. Again very easy. But practice is key. Refer CAT question paper. 

    NOTE:- To know whether ur preparation is alright, try to solve the question in CAT paper. Any CAT material is more helpful the R S Aggarwal. 


    • Reading comprehension. Don?t need to practice much. Very easy English. Direct and simple questions asked.
      Note:- There is a big para and a small one .Do the small one n leave the bigger  one
    • Fill in the blanks. Involved use of tenses, good vocab is not a must , hence people having good basics of grammar can fancy their chances.
    • Correct the sentence
    • Inference and assumption. Toughest part and a very strong analytical skills are required.
    • Note:- People just mug up all grammar book of CAT preparation material of Career Launcher. Have a good knowledge of prepositions, articles and tenses(most important). Good vocab is not must. 

    1.Tell me the most hilarious moment of ur life.
    2. Lot of questions on hobby.
    3. Why INFOSYS should take u.
    4. Two puzzles. 

    Main thing is show what u actually are? Try to create something humorous. Try to add ?making others laugh? as one of ur strengths and it in ur resume. Or from some where try to sing something. Try to write a innovative hobby like I added one as ?watching james bond movies?. 

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