Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   UCER Allahadbad-29 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   UCER Allahadbad-29 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi frnds

    The test is conducted under two sections:
    (i) The analytical reasoning part---
    (2) English usage

    infosys is following the cat pattern and is concentrating on the candidates time management,and general aptitude.

    English paper conains questions frm our daily English usage,a person with average english speaking skills can qualaify easily, no antonyms ,synonyms were asked so no need learn those frm barons for infy atleast

    u have to be very fast in attempting this section :40 minutes and 30 questions
    six ouestions are there each consist of 5 subparts
    question come from
    > Data interpretation: 5 ques
    >Data sufficiency: 5 ques
    >Analytical reasoning:5 ques
    >Syllogisms:5 ques:: use venn diagrams concept tosolve these questions.
    > non verbal : 5 ques to pick the odd figure frm 5 given figures ( practice R.S Agarwal non verbal)

    plz follow the R,S.AGARWAL REASONIG book the following topics
    a>number ranking and sequencing --- 5 questions
    b>Series  -- figure based questions,what comes the nxt .it is there in the agarwal book part-2. do practice/have a glance
    c>Data sufficiency,mathematics part may refer to the M.TYRA
    d>Data intepretations
    e>Puzzle which was simple followed by 5 sub-questions.
    f>syllolism --5 questions
    No questions from cubes and dices ,but be prepared for it ,may be asked.

    no puzzles are asked in the written exam....
    i would suggest u refer to some cat material of C.L, Time etc. it really helps. CAT material has enough questions for practice... u,ll get variety in the go through that.
    (ii)the second part was english, damn easy  --30 minutes 40 questions
    it includes
    a>2  comprehension passage  followed by 5 question each
    b>Error corrections
    c>fill in the blanks
    d>place the sentances in the proper order

    all u need is a good working knowledge of english . the questions that come are all general like error corrections, filling the blanks with correct sentencesetc. no barrons stuff is required..

    prepare well for the written exam as in infy written is everything. u have almost 85% chances to get in once u clear the written. H.R is not that tough.
    P.I was very cimple ,u have to be confident and should posses good communication skill.
    (i)Mainly they ask abt my family  ---3 to 4 questions
    (ii)What is difference btw an "effective "person nd an"efficient "person?
    (iii)if i wll give u an efficient person nd an effective person ,whom u will prefer:
    (iv)Why should i hire u?
    (v)then a simple puzzle,if a bucket fills in 20 minute,and n every one minute it doubles ,then in how many mnutes it will become 1/8?

    (vi)a simple puzzle , if a pendulum is just touching ur head , how will u find the height of the room....
    ans> apply formula : time period=2pi square root(length/g)  find l & add to ur height.

    vii> they will judge u on ur leadership skills, team spirit and commmunication skillls..
    I waited the reasult desparetly ,it came out at 2:00 am  ,i was very happy to be in the  final list of selected candidates

    all the very best

    Umesh Bhatt

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