Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   SVCE, Chennai-6 Jul 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   SVCE, Chennai-6 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello, Here is the pattern.It consisted of 2 section one was the analytical part n the other was Verbal..!!!

    I. Analytical
    1.Blood relation problems
    2.Venn diagram(Given datas about three quantities n problems regarding those)
    3.Data interpretation(Charts graphs)
    4.Data Sufficiency(two sentences n answer like a is only true b is only true to answer both are needed to answer some thing like that)
    5.Seating Arrangement
    7.Matching figure

    1.Reading Comprehension(Do this atlast,the longest one is easy read questions first)
    2.Reading comprehension(Do this atlast)
    3.Fill in the blanks with proper words(like adjective, or some flowery bombastic words,choce will be given)
    4.Correct sentence(choose the correct sentence from 4 sentences)
    5.Choose a heading for the sentence(choose a heading for the para choice will be given its about how u infer the para)
    6.Jumbled sentences
    7.Error in the sentence(Error will be in punctuations conjuctions was were had has have errors)

    Only HR no tech interview carry urself cool..See to that u have a decent english with a decent accent..!! Don't stammer keep smiling..!! Memorise ur resume..!! U will be asked something like how good a team leader u are..??? 
    Long term goal short term goal...prepare an attractive answer for temme about urself..U will be given a puzzle...I know we won't solve that watsoever in that tension so keep trying don't leave till he says stop..!! Explain him what have u tried.!!! sometime the interview will be of stress type..!!!
    U will be asked questions like What will u do if u see a person who looks like u coming towards u..???
    The HR may also ask wat will be ur reaction when a 45yr old man/lady proposes u???

    so stay coll in the interview do ask him some questions..surely..!!! If u get thru the apps 80% u are selected if u follow the above instructions..!!! Books i followed are the work books of TIME CAT Preparation Books u can also follow R.S.Agarwal


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