Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   St.Peter's Engineering College,Avadi-21 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   St.Peter's Engineering College,Avadi-21 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Infosys came to our campus on 21st March.. ..A few other colleges like jaya engineering college ,SaiRam engineering college joined us.. there were about 1150 people writing the test on that day.

    First there was a pre placemant talk .They told us about Infosys.. They showed a video clipping of the Mysore campus(after which i decided firmly to be into Infosys). They also explained how to fill the application form. Please make sure that you have kept ready the TOTAL marks of all the semesters(for ex. 3400 out of 4000) and be accurate in ypur marks.

    Aptitude(R.S.Agarwal-Verbal and Non-Verbal)
    After filling the application we were given the answer scripts and then the question paper.

    First five questions were from Puzzle test..It was easy. But the answer could be derived only from the options given..
    Next five questions were to find the odd man out from a series of figures (bit easy)

    Next five were from data sufficiency.. here the options given were a bit confud\sing.. do not keep in mind the options given in R.S.agarwal..  Options were like 1.Either A or B alone is sufficient 2.either A or B is independently sufficient goes on something like tat..

    Next five from Data Interpretation (hard) Two LINE CHARTS were given one for costs and other for sales of 3 companies..Keep it as alast option. Even if you write it merely on fluke be sure to write the formulas for it in the rough sheet provided.. For us it was like to find the sales of the company A.. I just wrote formula.
    Next five question again from Puzzle test..easy but confusing also!!!

    Next Syllolgism.. They gave it like find the sentence which is logically related to the first two..
    for example A. all pens are books.all books are green.all pens are green. so it logically follows the first each question four sentences were given and asked whether 1. a alone follows.2.a & b follows. 3.a, b,d follows 3.None follows.
    Be sure to put the venn diagrams for such questions.

    Next English Very easy
    2-Comprehensions(easy). grammar error correction, fill up the balnks with suitable words,conclusion from small passage..very easy part if you are thorough with grammar.
    Results were announced at 7'o clock. I was selected..250 were selected. 

    HR was on the next day. HR people came late and it started only from 3.30p.m. My turn came at around 7.30p.m.
    I asked excuse and went in wished him..he asked me to sit down. He asked me whether i am tired..I said i am absolutely fine.(do not say that you are tired eventhough you are). he asked my resume..i gave him..Tell me about yourself was the first question. I told . He was going through my resume.

    I am a good singer and am the vice-organiser of the orchestra..I mentioned it and he was asking questions from it..He asked if you would get a chance as a singer will you leave Infosys .I said my singing will not affect my  career in Infosys.I will not leave infosys at any cost.

    Then he asked me how i would arrange the orchestra..wat if somebody asks to change song.wat will you do if someone is afraid to sing on stage.then gave two puzzles i gave only half  answer..

    Atlast he wished all the best and said if i was selected i would be called at the end of my fourth year(as i am in third year now).and wil be given training(this is an indication that i was selected). It took nearly 30 min in the HR... Bear a smile always..

    I got selected at last.. So all the best friends. Good luck.. Trust God Fully..He can do wonders..


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