Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   St. Xaviers College, Mumbai-17 Dec 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   St. Xaviers College, Mumbai-17 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Infosys Aptitude Test conducted on 17th Dec, 2006 at St. Xaviers College Mumbai.

    Hello Friends, i have given the aptitude test and the H.R. Interview of infosys
    I have cleared Both the rounds and am recruited by Infosys.
    I would like to give u an idea abt my experience so that u can prepare well for ur tests.
     The Aptitude test of Infosys Consists Of 2 sections
    1.) Puzzles - 30 questions - 45 mins
    2.) English - 40 questions - 30 mins
           70 questions - 75 mins
    We were lucky not to have the cube puzzle, but be prepared with it. Very Important. They always ask it.
    So it comes up to 75 Questions - 75 mins
    For Puzzles refer R. S. Aggarwal (Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning)
    Q.) 1 - 5 Sequential Order Of Things (Puzzle)
    Q.) 6 - 10 Choose The Missing Figure In The Series (Non Verbal Reasoning)
    Q.) 11 - 15 Data Sufficiency
    Q.) 16 - 20 Data Interpretation
    Q.) 21 - 25 Comparision Type Question (Puzzle)
    Q.) 25 - 30 Logical Reasoning (Syllogism)
    Q.) 1 - 5 Reading Comprehension
    Q.) 6 - 10 reading Comprehension
    Q.) 11 - 15 Analogy
    Q.) 16 - 20 Synonms
    Q.) 21 - 25 Anonyms
    Q.) 26 - 30 Fill in the Blanks
    Q.) 31 - 35 Correct way to form a sentence
    Q.) 35 - 40 Statement - Arguments, Assumptions, Conclusions, Inference
    All the questions asked in the aptitude test are the solved examples from R. S. Aggarwal (Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning)
    Go Through each and every chapter of it. Do not Leave any thing.
     Important Chapters From R.S. Aggarwal (Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning)
    Section I - General Mental Ability
                     Chp 4 - Coding Decoding
                     Chp 5 - Blood Relations
                     Chp 6 - Puzzle Test (Very Important)
                     Chp 7 - Sequential Output Tracing
                     Chp 8 - Direction sense Test
                     Chp 9 - Logical Venn Diagrams
                     Chp 11 - Numbers, Ranking & Time Sequence Test
                     Chp 14 - Arithematical reasoning (Very Important)
                     Chp 16 - Data Sufficiency (Very Important)
    Section II - Logical reasoning
                     Chp 1 - Logic (Syllogism) (Very Important)
    Section III - Non Verbal Reasoning 
                      Chp 1 - Series (Very Important)
                      Chp 2 - Analogy
                       Chp 3 - Classification
                       Chp 5 - Mirror Images
                       Chp 6 - Water Images
                       Chp 14 - Cubes And Dices (Very Important)
    H.R. Questions Asked are -
    1. Go Through Your RESUME very well. The very First thing they can ask is from it. It can be Anything from Resume
    2. What is your Objective?
    3. Computer Proficiency
    4. Language Proficiency
    5. Your Interests / Hobbies
    6. What Skills do u Possess (Strengths) / Any Weakness in you
    7. What do u know abt infosys? Refer the above paragraph for it.
    8. Why do u want to join infosys
    9. Why should infosys select you
    10. Why did u choose IT Sector
    11. Tell me something abt yourself.
    12. Tell me abt your family
    13. What Projects have u worked in
    14. What was your Part in the project
    15. What was the Biggest Difficulty faced in your project and how did u tackle it and what did u learn from it
    16. Given a chance to choose between any other company and Infosys which would you select and why
    17. Who is the Publisher and Editor of Times Of India
    18. What is the Tag Line Of Infosys
    19. Who is The CEO of Infosys
    20. Who is The Chairman of Infosys
    21. On 18th Dec, 2006 there was a Test Match Between India and South Africa. It was The third day of the match. They Asked me The Latest Score
    22. What is the difference between normal cooking and cooking in a pressure cooker
    23. Explain the mechanism of cooling in AC and refrigerators
    24. What are the Unusual uses of a bottle, water glass, pen, tie etc
    25. Use The Number 4 sixteen times and make the total of 1000
    26. There are 10 candles with you. Arrange them in such a way that it comprises of 5 lines and 4 candles in each line.
    27. Any questions from your side.
    Prepare well for your tests from R.S. Aggarwal (Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning), apti is easy, and H.R. is just a formality
    Be bold, confident and honest. dont lie
    Bhavin D. Nagda

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