Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   ST. Michaels Acadamy Chennai-4 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   ST. Michaels Acadamy Chennai-4 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends i attended my Infosys written test on 4th feb in St.Michael's academy there were so many people  who attended by mothers's grace i cleared my apptitude


    the question were like... initially they gave us a form to fill then the apptitude started interpretation (5 questions) prepare from CAT materials... sufficiency(5 questions)
    3.a mixed puzzle (5 questions from that very easy these type of prolems u can find in R.S agarwal verbal and nonverbal under puzzle test)
    4.find the missing figure (r.s agarwal verbal and nonverbal 500 questions are given try to go through that).
    5 syllogism (again r.s agarwal verbal and nonverbal book draw venn diagram and deduce that is the easiest way to find the answer in this type)

    English test was very very easy a big passage was given about leoarnado paintings and his life history and direct questions were asked from it. the only thibg was the passage was very big (dont get frighten at the sight)... follwed by that a small passage was given and all direct questions were asked from that

    3. 4 to 5 lines paragraghs were given and four choices were given asking which lines strengthen the above paragraph and which line contradicts???
    4. general grammar questions ,prepositions to fill were asked those were really easy (do these type of questions first then go for small passage and at last do that big passage as all questions consists of same marks only!!!!! time management is very very very important...
    our apptitude tests got over by 11.30 and they announced the results by 3 (we were so many to who took up the test more than 1000 i guess but 

    they shortlisted only 64! and the very next day we were all called for the interview .the interview was very very cool. general Hr questions...some people were asked puzzles it seems. mine was very general and cool

    my name was scheduled for interview by 3.40 but i entered around 5
    in my panel  two Hr's who were ladies they were very friendly and atlast with confidence i left the interview hall and i got the offer letter exactly after two  weeks with god's grace and my joining date is on 20th march in mysore. this site helped me a lot for preparation ...
    thanku and all the very best friends.



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