Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   St. Francis Womens College, Hyderabad-10 Dec 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   St. Francis Womens College, Hyderabad-10 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello Frnz,

              My name is Sunny and i have attended the infosys test on 10th dec 2006 at St francis college.abt 1000 people have attended the test and only 70 could clear that round ,fortunately i am among evry one is aware of the new pattern most of u might have thrown puzzles aside but i found 5 questions on a single puzzle in my paper which was given in one of the previous papers of sincere adivce to every body is that dont aim to do all the questions in the test ,try to do at least 15 questions in analatical section and then try to do the remaining questions in the remaining time.most of the people according to me tried to complete the whole paper in the given time but that is not posssible so try to do the questions which u feel that u can answer and then go for the rest .i did abt 15 -20 questions perfectly and then tried to solve the remaining .in english first leave passages and jumbled sentences and attempt the remaining ,i found the other parts in english very easy and then i went on to answer one passage.i will rate the questions as * if easy and ** if time taking.
    Analatical section:
    type A (1-5)(**)
    1. a girl has a phone which has digits from 1-9(none reapeted) as number and it is divisible by 9.if the last no is removed it is divisible by 8 and if another no divisible by 7 and  so on.
    i) what is the first number?
       ans  3
    ii) what could be the fifth no?
        ans 5 (as there is no 0 it should b 5)
        and 3 more questions of this type.
    this is was the puzzle which i found in one of the previous infosys papers.
    type B(6-10) (**)
    these questions where from rs agarwal non verbal reasoning.4 figues will be given and u will be asked to find out one of the missing figuers.mind u this was the most tough part which i faced in the exam u need to have lot of practice to answer these questions.
    type C(11-15) (*)
    these  questions are from data sufficiency very easy to answer u just need to have grip on simple equations ,ratios etc. one of these questions was also a puzzle from the previous papers.
    is n.>p?
    stmt I n=n+....
    Stmt II 1/n=m+n/p
    sorry i dont remember the exact equations but they were of this type.
    can we find the age of ramu?
    stmt I if 4 years back he was twice the age of his sister
    stmt II some condition like above......
    this was one of the easiest section
    type D 15-20(*)
    Data Interpretation questions
    1. a bar graph was given with sales of some item in few years and a table was given which consisted of sales as percentage of production like 80% in 1990,75% in 1991 etc.and then he gave a sentence which said that the production capacity  was 1500000 and by 1994 it was increased by 10% and 20% in the next year.
    2. question from this section were asked as what is production in 1995, ratio of sales to production in some year to the other.this section was also a bit time consuming but was can be done.
    type E 20-25(*)
    1. ashok ,bikku ,chanda......,fool babu...are six children of rajeshwari.every body were born in alternative year ,and on a different day of the week and no one was born on sunday.each child took a different subject of maths biology ,.......annd ashok was born in 1990 and took biology as subject. and few condions were given .this question might seem confusing but was very easy if u structured the given clues. 2 questions were asked directly from the clues.
    type F 25-30(*)
    this was the section which i solved in less than 3 min.
    all pens are guns etc six statments were given and in options they asked which three out of six are in logical order,its better if we analaize the options.
    practice from rs agrawal and dont simply implent the rules in this questions u will not find answers answer them logicaly.
          frnz what i observed from the paper is that u will for sure have 5 questions of the type F,D,C,B. ie u can solve atleast 15 out of these 20 questions.first five questions can be of any type like cubes ,venn diagrams etc. so we are not sure abt first five questions .questions of type E are also most probable so we know 70% of the questions in advance ,plz concentrate on these known questions to get through the analatical section.
    English  Section:
      a passage on operating systems and other on agriculture .leave the passages and try to attempt the sentence corrections ,conclusion from a small paragraph etc.this section was the easiest.they attached the english answer sheet first so this section might b the first prioty in selection.
        i was called for an interview on 11th dec at infosys campus in Hyderabad. some people were asked to leave after one round and few had a second round .i was asked to leave after one round and they said my result will be intimated in few weeks through mail.i really did the interview well frnz plz pray for me as u will get more excited to get in to infosys after visting there campus .i hope for the best . 



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