Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   St Francis College For Women,Hyderabad-4 Nov 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   St Francis College For Women,Hyderabad-4 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello everybody,this is abbas.i attended infosys exam on 4th november and interview on 5th november.i would like to share with u my experiences. about 400-500 atteneded the test and 50 were shorlisted for interviews. 

    it will contain both analytical reasoning and verbal ability reasoning 30Q in 40 min
    verbal 40Q in 35 min 

    5 qs are from syllogyms,go through rs agarwall and practice it by venn diagram method.
    5 qs in data interpretation, just go through TIME cat basic book.
    5 qs in data sufficiency,go through rs agarwall
    5 qs are from puzzles(go through 7 types in rs agarwall and practice the ones mostly through relations)
    5 qs series completion,go through rs agarwall,be careful they may be tricky.
    5 qs ,this was a general puzzle. the cutt off may be any where near 16-20. 

    This is simple if ur good in special preparation needed. two RC'S passages will be given. for 10 marks.Better attempt them at  the end
    10 qs on sentence completion
    10 qs on correction of sentences
    10 qs on fill in the blanks 

    very easy.if u have time go through TIME cat verbal basic book. 

    i was one of the guys to be shortlisted.we had our interviews the other day at infy campus.
    my panel had two members.A lady and a gentelman both in thier 50's.
    i took permission and entered into the room.the gentelman stood up and greeted me and asked me take my seat.
    i greeted them both cordially and took my seat.
    he asked me my resume.
    she asked me tell abt urself
    as i was telling he stopped me and asked me about my family.what kind of sports i play. i answered. then they asked me whether i had previously participated in any group discussions and related Qs on it.
    then they gave me 5 topics and asked to speak on one. i spoke on 'small car market in india'. then they asked me whether i had been to any other interviews and they asked me qs regarding them then they gave a group senario and asked me some qs also asked about the extra curicullar activities and also what innovative i had done in my life.i replied them
    then they gave me a puzzle.i tried to solve it.inbetween they helped me. i almost did it,but i din't knew the formula.dont panic if u dont knw the puzzle but try to solve it as far as possible.they only look at ur approach
    finally they asked me any qs and i asked them abt my carrer path and growth in infy
    they answered me patiently
    finally i wished them and came out. 

    so in interview they only access ur personality and ur communication and general awareness.and a special mention the interviewers were very pleasant and cordial.
    after 20 days by ALMIGHTY'S grace  i recieved a mail of my selection.iam very happy.
    guys its very easy.prepare for 2 days and u will be in infosys.i did it like that.jst give ur best shot and the rest god will take care
    All the best and hope to see u in infosys.i also thank freshers world for all the papers as they have been of immense help for me
    take care


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