Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   SREC,Coimbatore-14 Oct 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   SREC,Coimbatore-14 Oct 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello everybody, I have been selected in INFOSYS and i m glad to share my experience with you all. I really thank fresher's world as it helped me a lot in my goal of getting into infy.

    Anna University Chennai conducted a centralized placement at SREC Coimbatore and nearly 48 colleges participated. Anna university set the elligibility criteria to be above 77% till sixth sem. nearly 1000 students attended and 63 were shortlisted in first round and finally 21 got selected. By God's grace I m one among them.

    There were 30 questions n reasoning and 40 questions on verbal. everybody can do these questions but the thing is u need to keep an eye on ur time. Time management is the key to get into infy. If u dunno any question just skip it and work the remaining. Don watste ur time on a single question. For reasoning R.S.Aggarwal verbal and non verbal is more than enough. Practice each and every question in that book especially under the heading PUZZLE TEST, DATA SUFICIENCY and SYLLOGISM. verbal part u can easily manage if u have a basic knowledge in english. I don think it will be tough for u guys.

    Around 4pm they announced the results and 63 got chortlisted. We had the HR round the next day. At morning 9 the interview process started and around 11.30 they called my name. i was so tensed as it was my first interview. My HR is a very cool person. My interview went for just 20 mins. It goes like this.

    Me: May i come in Sir? Good Morning Sir.
    HR: Good mrng. Take ur seat.
    Me: Thank u sir
    Hr: gimme ur biodata
    i gave mine
    Hr: tell me abt ur family members
    me: I m so and so....
    Hr: u have a long name. Wats the meaning of ur name?
    Me: explained
    Hr: u r a hostelate or days scholar?
    Me; days scholar
    Hr: wat will u do at home after going frm college?
    Me: xplained
    Hr: wat kind of channels u will watch at tv?
    Me: told
    Hr: Apart frm paper presentation have u indulged in any other activities?
    Me: told
    Hr: Do u think ur college life helped u improve urself?
    Me; i said yes
    Hr: how?
    Me: xplained
    Hr: apart frm studies have u participated in anything during ur school days?
    Me: told abt my sports activities
    Hr: how many boys and gals r there in ur class?
    Me: told
    Hr: have u attended any other interview before?
    Me: said
    Hr: do u have any questions?
    Me: Should i do any courses before joining the training?
    Hr: not necessary. if u r interested in any field then develope knowledge in that field. U don have to do any seperate course before joining infosys. Concentrate on ur academics.
    He wished my All the best and gave me a firm hand shake.

    Around 2 o clock noon the results were announced. 21 students got selected and i m one among them. Totally 5 students frm my college got thru. they announced the package as 3.25akh per annum.PRAYERS helps u a lot. Do pray to God to help u and work hard.

    ALL THE BEST GUYS. Meet u at infosys.

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