Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   SBIT College Of Engg-31 May 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   SBIT College Of Engg-31 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frnds this is Ravichandra(ECE) from Sai spurti institute of technology,Sattupally.

    INFOSYS,one of the best IT companies conducted campus selections in SBIT at KHAMMAM.Nearly 500 students competed for the test,46 cleared the written and finally 18 got selected and I am one of them.So I want to share my experiences with u.

    first of all view all the previous papers from best sites like and try to evaluate the test pattern,it will help u a lot.

    The total procedure for INFOSYS selection is of two stages
    1)Written Test

    Written test consists of two sections
    1)Reasoning section
    2)English(verbal) section

    Reasoning section consists of 30 ques and the duration is 40 mins
    1-5 ques: based on CUBES and the problem is given on irregular structure, verify CUBES and DICE in RS AGGARWAL,it is more than enough.
    6-10 ques:based on picking Odd figure out,they are easy and RS AGGARWAL is enough
    11-15ques:based on DATA SUFFICENCY,these are also easy but think twice while answering these
    16-20ques:based on DATA INTERPRETATION, these are easy but here time is very very important,a graph will be given with some information on both axes,and we need to solve the problems mostly ques will b on finding percentages only,RS AGGARWAL is enough
    21-25ques:based on PUZZLE,and the que is, there are six students ravi,swati etc and some information is given on their  heights and weights and ques are -descending order of their heights,weights,-light weight inthe group etc solve all the sections in PUZZLE TEST in RS AGGARWAL,it is enough.
    26-30ques:based on SYLLOGISM ,go through 9 rules of SYLLOGISM,it will b very easy

    English section consists of 40 ques and the duration is 30 min
    this section is also easy if u are well in english,please b perfect in error pickings,reading comprhensions,tenses,articles and deriving conclusion from passage,grammar is very imp(refer WREN N MARTIN)

    HR wil b cool if u r not tensed,tension is the major factor,so plz try to avoid it
    my interview was very cool,I entered the room and wished him politely ,he wished and asked me to take the seat,plz b careful while doing all these things,after sitting he asked my resume and asked abt myself and I explained him  nicely.Then he asked abt the details in the resume.plz b thorough with ur resume and also try to prepare it in effective manner,it is must

    I explained him about my strngths with examples and he gave me 3puzzles and I solved two,try to work out them. it shows ur logical thinking ,and some more ques on my achievements,leadership qualities,at last he asked me to leave the room with a pleasant smile,I thanked him and left the room

    results were anounced at 7evening ,and I felt very very  happy because I was got selected.

    My dear frnds plz b confident and honest,dont bluff at any cost.Dont b tensed and I assure u that u'll perform well.I hope my experiences will help u upto some extent.

    ALL THE BEST MY DEAR FRNDS ,we shall meet in INFOSYS.........bye.........

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