Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   S A Engineering College, Chennai-2 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   S A Engineering College, Chennai-2 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends,

    Let me thank this site first for giving me a guidance and opportunity to get placed at Infosys. To start with, let me tell u one thing. The selection procedure of Infosys ( New Pattern) is very easy and you have to work a little hard to ensure that u r placed. More over, your luck also plays a major part. Let me describe the selection procedure and my experiences. I think it might help you to focus in a correct direction .

    The Selection Procedure had three phases:
    PPT presentation on INFOSYS made by the head of the HR recruiting team
    Aptitude and Verbal Reasoning
    HR Interview

    In the morning( around 10 am), after the arrival, u will be exposed to a ppt presentation on Infosys. I am sure that this will motivate enough to get placed at Infosys.

    Next, we were allowed to disperse and we were allotted rooms for our test. After we are settled in our rooms, we were given an application form to fill it up. The instructions to fill the application form will be announced prior. Be careful in filling those forms and provide accurate statistical data of your marks as far as possible.

    Next comes the Aptitude test. It was started at 11.50 pm. The time limit for aps is 40 mins within which u have to complete 30 q?s. The aptitude session consists of the following sub groups.
    A puzzle and 5 objectives based on the puzzle.
    5 Problems on finding the next figure in the series.
    5 Problems on data Sufficiency( Little tricky)
    Data Interpretation: A table was given and 5 questions followed it.(an easy one)
    Once again a puzzle which is little tough as compared to the previous one with 5 questions  followed it
    Last 5 questions on Syllogism.

    The puzzles I mentioned here are not the real puzzles which u will find in Shakuntala devi and George summers but simple ones that u will find it in R S Aggarwal verbal reasoning book under the topic Puzzle test. For all the above pattern u can refer R S aggarwal book.

     After 40 mins they collected the question paper for aps and gave us verbal q paper. Here is where u have to put more effort. The verbal part is very tough as compared to aptitude. If u are strong at basic grammar (particularly tenses and phrases) u will have this cleared.

    There will be 40 q?s which u have to finish in 30 mins. Time management is very much essential here. The pattern of this question is:
    2 Passages( R C) followed by 5 q?s each.  The first one was easy and the second one was little tough.
    Selecting the correct option which is grammatically correct from the available four options.
    fill in the blanks type questions
    Replacing the underline phrases with suitable ones
    Deriving conclusion from small passages.

    For grammar, you can refer WREN & MARTIN book.

    The tests are over by 1 pm. They told us that the results will be announced by 3.30 pm. There were 160 students from our College( Dhanalakshmi College of Engg.,) attended the test. The results for our college was announced at 6 o clock and soon after that we were called to attend the HR Interview. There were 59 students who are shortlisted for the Interview. The Interview started Immediately after the announcement of written tests.

    There were 8 panels and the segregated us into 8 groups. All the 8 panel HR?s were so cool and they asked just simple questions from the Resume. Some of our panels had puzzles also.

    I was allotted to a gent HR who was really cool and jovial. He made me comfortable and offered me a biscuit. I accepted it and said thanks. Then he started asking some simple questions from the Resume like

                1. Tell me abt urself?

                2. How good are u at innovation?

                3. What are all your leadership qualities?

                4. Explain a situation where u were so innovative

                5. How do u manage in a team?

                6. Hobbies?

                7. Explain abt the camps and its schedule that u had attended( I mentiond it in my resume)

                8. What are the extra courses that u r going now?

                9. He gave me a puzzle and I solved it. They see only the approach and not arriving at the solution.

                10. Extra curricular activities and some q?s based on it

    Then he asked me tat do I have any question? I asked him tat how would my performance be measured in the job so tat I can prepare mentally to achieve the peak in the job?

    He answered me tat it is too early to concerned abt those issues and he commented that it was a very good qn and he liked my attitude. Then he asked me to check my mails regularly( which is an indirect sign tat I got placed). Then he wished me for my bright future? I came out with confidence.

    The results were announced by 10 pm.

    I was very happy to hear that I got selected. 44/59 were selected.

    So friends, The main thing is to prepare a little and project a lot. Use your innovative and creative ideas and make sure tat it is exhibited. Be yourself and be confident. Hope this will help you. See u at INFOSYS?


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