Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   RIT, Islampur-5 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   RIT, Islampur-5 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hii to all,
    well thanx to freshers world fr helpin me out.. it ws of indeed a huge help to me. well it ws a gr8 experience bein there n sittin fr d infy campus n gettin thru it. well our in d morng v hd d company ppt. in which d disclosd d package n al dat stuff. den v moved on fr d screenin test. Listen buddies Infy hs changd its pattern. the paper hs changd .. d level hs really dropped...

    It consisted of 30 questions to b solvd in 40 mins. d questions were vry simple... 
    in a fottball mach each player scored a prime no. of goals. n none of them had the same no. of goals. there average ws also a prime no. which ws nt equal to ne of the individual scores. no1 scored more than 45 goals. there were 11 players.( then they askd questions on dis)

    1) Wat ws d avg?? (23)
    2) Wat ws d max. scord by an individual? (43)
    3) Wat ws d lowest score? (5)
    4) Wat ws d second lowest score? (7)
    5) How many scored above 20? (5.. check on dis)

    NExt set of 5 questions were simple based on logic reasonin.. it consisted of three sets of figures seein which d fourth hd to b figurd out.. Nxt set of 5 questions were d Data Sufficiency test.. dat ws also vry easy.. only 1 of dem ws a bit tough..

    Then nxt 5 were Data Interpretation questions.. vry easy.. a bar graph ws givn n questions were asked on d figures given.. ( jst get a knowledge of units cleared) Then were of Family realtion ( think so dat question is in RS Aggarwal)

    The last set were a bit tough.. six sentences were given out of which d three which were d most logical were to b selectd..

    2) ENGLISH:
    It consisted of 40 questions and 35 mins. It ws a bit lengthy as there were 2 passages.

    The english section consisted of  2 passages on which 5 questions each were asked.. This time arnd there were no antonyms n no synonyms. The vocabulary ws nt testd at all.. Only ur grammar is tested.. There were also passage on whch we were askd to draw conclusions(options were givn n we  were askd to chose d bst 1)..

    Test was over by 1.15p.m. nd they claimed to declare the result by 2.15.. bt as it always happens they were late.. It ws declared around 5.00 pm ( Bt patience paid off).. Arnd 100 odd were selcted frm a bunch of arnd 1000.. Then came d interview which ws really d real setbk.. By no means did it seem to b an Infosys Interview.. I ws Askd about my family, college, birthplace etc.. no technical.. i ws givn 1 puzzle also whch ws vry easy... jst remem speak as much as u can ovr there.. soo 

    BEST OF LUCK ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!! Willing to c u all at Infy..

    Amar Vivek

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