Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College-1 Apr 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College-1 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends, I?m RAJENDER frm RAJEEV GANDHI MEMORIAL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY. We had INFOSYS-ONCAMPUS in our college on April 01st2k8.Here are the stats
    APPEARED                      :      320
    CLEARED WRITTEN          :       51
    FINALLY SELECTED           :      25

    The recruitment process involved 2 stages.
    ü Written Test (reasoning + verbal).
    ü  HR Interview

    Reasoning part [30Q => 40 min] was something like this
    ü 2 puzzles (5+5).
    ü Data interpretation (5).
    ü Data sufficiency (5).
    ü Figure series (5).
    ü Syllogisms (5).

    Verbal pattern [40Q =>35 min] included the following
    ü 2 very long passages.
    ü Correction of sentences.
    ü Identifying correct statement.
    ü Fill in the blanks.
    ü Theme detection.

    I can?t comment on the standard of written test coz I found it extremely difficult, where as my friends told me that reasoning part was pity simple. Coming to verbal part it was even horrible. I could do only correction of sentences and Identifying correct statement, Fill in the blanks, Theme detection in time. I have left with no time for answering the passages. So I read the questions and quickly searched for keywords in the passage and I?ve answered questions with general idea without even reading the passage completely. After we have completed the written, I had no hope at all. Most of my friends were confident about the written test. We have completed our written test by 12:30 in the noon and they have informed us that results will be announced at 1:30.I didn?t meet any of my friends in this gap. I straight away walked in to one of our rooms and I was sitting idle without an inch of hope. I didn?t even bother to go to the auditorium where the results were announced. Then my friend called me and told me that my name was read out as the short listed candidate. Then I rushed to the auditorium and they called me immediately to attend the HR round. I don?t know the exact cutoff but I got 15 in reasoning and 24 in the verbal. I can?t understand wha'ts happening around me. By the time I went to the panel I was told that HR is waiting for me for a long time. Even my file was not ready by then. I was sweating and my hands were shivering when I entered the room.

    The interview went on like this
    ME (At  the door): Excuse me sir!
    INTERVIEWER: r u RAJENDER? (he already had the form filled by me during the written test).
    ME: yes sir.
    (Then he pointed at the chair and asked me to get in).
    INT: Is the percentage you mentioned in the form true?
    ME: yes sir.
    INT: Then sign beside your percentage with date.
    ME: signed it and returned it to the HR. (I was nervous and my hands were shivering at a rapid pace. I cant even write my name properly. HR was closely observing my hands).
    INT: y r u nervous?
    ME: No sir I am not nervous. Its pity hot out there. So I?m sweating.
    (He asked me to handover my CV and put the file beside on the stool).
    INT: Have you done your SSC and Intermediate from ENGLISH medium?
    ME: Yes sir.
    INT: What's the diff. b/w advice and advise?
    ME: advice is a noun where as advise is a verb.
    INT: frame a sentence using both.
    (My mind was blank and I can?t even think properly)
    INT:  try it you can do it.
    ME: ?I advised my friend to give me a proper advice?.
    INT: Gave me a puzzle (balls que. Frm Shakuntala devi?s book).
    ME: started answering as I already know the approach.
    INT (Interrupted me): Have you been taught this puzzle in jkc classes?
    ME: No sir I?ve read it from some book.
    INT:OK no problem. What is this infosys initiative quiz? (I?ve mentioned in CV).
    ME:In the last semester Infosys has conducted campus connect contest and I?ve cleared the first round of quiz.
    INT: wat's it about?
    ME: It was a mix of both technical and current affairs.
    INT: Did that help you?
    ME: a lot sir.
    INT: Have u done any project?
    ME: I havn?t done any project yet, but we have a mini project as a part of our curriculum in this sem sir. We are currently working on it.
    INT:  What's your role in your  team?
    INT: what have you done?
    ME:I have selected three projects and I?ve submitted it to our guide and he has to decide the final project.
    INT: What r those three?
    ME: Explained three different topics clearly.
    INT: whose idea was it?
    ME: Sir actually I?ve collected all the ideas of my team members and we selected the best three.
    INT: very good. What will you do in the holidays (sem breaks)?
    ME: I've learnt C in my first year holidays.
    INT: what have u done in your 2-1 and 2-2 holidays?
    INT: Y didn?t u mention it (C++) in your resume?
    ME: I?m lot comfortable with C sir. I?m not that comfortable with C++.
    INT: but u should mention it because I?ve to report all these things to company right!
    ME:  oK Sir I?ll change it.
    INT: No I?ll do it 4 you. (he wrote C++ in my resume)
    ME: Yes sir, last December we have organized a symposium in our college.
    INT: what did u do?
    ME: I was given the accommodation department where I?ve to allot rooms to the out station participants.
    INT: Did you face any problem there?
    ME:  yes sir, management has allotted only 20 rooms and unfortunately 24 batches turned out. We ran out of  rooms!
    INT: how did u solve it?
    ME: we have vacated the rooms allotted to volunteers and we allotted them to outstation participants and I haven?t slept that whole night!
    INT: But that gives lot of satisfaction right?
    ME: yes sir I?m very happy 4 that .
    INT: Do you have any problem in travelling around  the country?
    ME: No sir, I don?t have any problem and I?m ready to take up the responsibility that firm rests on me and I?ll travel to any part of world.
    INT:OK RAJENDER do you have any questions 4 me?
    ME: Sir , will training be common  for both IT and NON IT people?
    INT: You need not worry about it and you people will be trained separately. you have to take 2 extra weeks as compared with IT people.
    ME: ok sir.
    INT: you can go.
    INT: thank you sir.

    That was my interview experience and believe me friends I?ve not maintained proper body language through out the interview and I was really vague in my language. I thought that I will be rejected. Final list of 25 members was read out at 5:30 in the evening and I?m one among them. Friends to be frank I haven?t  performed well in both written and interview. But now I?m a part of INFOSYS.


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