Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIET, NOIDA-3 Apr 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIET, NOIDA-3 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    I am Priyesh Mishra student of CS 3rd yr BSACET, Mathura . I am glad to inform you that I placed in Infosys.

    Reporting time was 8am but as usual ppt started at 10.30 for 1 hour. After ppt , test was started at 11.55. before  test there was a general form that will take 35 mins. There were round about 700 students appeared out of which 91 cleared for HR round and finally there was an unexpected result -- only 45 got selected(usually infy doesn?t rejects that much in HR). test was over at 1.15 n result of written was announced at 4pm. Selected students r called on next day ie 4th April  for HR at 8am..


    About written----------

    REASONING 6 sections --- 30 ques --- 5 ques in each section --- 35 mins.


    Section 1. Simple Puzzle?
    6 books ? economics, English, Sanskrit, bio, phys, chem. ? total pages of few books were given ? order English book is first place from bottom having pg 476 Something like that ??. Easy one.

    Section 2.  Figure series 5qs. Bit tricky?.R.S.Agr(sec 3) more than suff.


    Section 3. Data Sufficiency 5qs. Very easy ?.R.S.Agr more than suff.


    Section 4. Data Interpretation    2 figures ? line and chart graph of a coal industry. Attempt at last with open mind 2-3 right ans in this section wil make a grt difference


    Section 5. Tough Puzzle ? time consuming ? complicated ? confusing?.but don?t make pure guesses try to extract answers.


    Section 6. Very Easy Logic ? 5qs -- ?.R.S.Agr (Chapter LOGIC)more than suff.


    After 5 min gap you  wil  get English paper

    40 ques --- 30 mins --- DECIDING FACTOR

    2passages, error rectification , substitution in sentences with correct option ????..


    About HR ( 35-40mins )

    i was first one to my HR, male ? cool person but tried to pressurize me at initial stage.

    HR- tell me abt urself

    Me- told

    Hr given me a situation that if u r a bank manager and a MLA forces u to do a illegal loan ,then wot would I do?

    Me ? I wil not do it  and I wil report the incident to my seniors etc etc(show ur confidence bcoz HR definitely wil make cond more critical don?t

    alter ur ans at any cost)

    Hr given me again a situation if u alone in house n it catches fire etc et

    Here also don?t alter ur ans .

    Also  PREPARE curr affair, currencies, capitals,?

    General qs like ur strength n weakness with practical examples, why infy, why we hire u etc?


    Exhibit all your qualities in your ans it creates a grt impression . confidence is must , smiling face?

    At last I like to thanx n, students who subm der exp., my GF, friends?don?t lose hope as b4 infy I was even unable to clear the apti of 4-5 companies. Have faith in GOD.


    All the best.




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