Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIET, Greater Noida-3 Apr 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIET, Greater Noida-3 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


             Just remember the rule ? never be negative

    Hello To All The People who are visiting the Freshersworld website and the infy placement papers. Just read the above line in bold carefully and make it in your mind and then no one can stop you entering infy or any of the company.

    Guys I am from SIR CHHOTU RAM INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Meerut. I am very thankful to my college because it give me the opportunity to attend the off campus of Infosys at NIET, GREATER NOIDA.

    We attended the off campus of Infy on 3RD of April. We were, as I think 4 or 5 colleges and two colleges were not able to come because of chaotic environment of  Kanpur.  Out of 622 students 91 were selected in the written phase, and from the 91 students 45 were finally selected to be trained at Mysore centre. And I am one of them. I was very happy to hear that from 19 students of our college selected in written, 13 were at last selected in Infy.(our selection number was the highest)

    Our PPT(Pre -Placement Talk)  was given at 09:10 am. And after that we were allotted Room no.?s acc. to colleges. The result of written exam was announced at 4:30 pm(although they told us that they will give the result at 3:00 pm ). The interview was on the next day at 08:30 am.

    Now coming to the pattern of the written examination :

    1 Quantitative test : (30 ques. 45 min.):
    The quantitative test consist of :

    A-Puzzles (not of Sakuntla devi type R.S agg is sufficient)(2) One was very easy solved in seconds other was bit hard but u can do(10 ques)

    B-Ques on Graphs(5) They were also from R.S agg.(these were time consuming)

    C-Non-Verbal series solving i.e which picture will be next in series(also from R.S agg.) (5)


    2 Verbal test(English) : (40 ques. 30 min.) 
    It consist of two passages. The first one was a bit lengthy and hard but the next one was a piece of cake. Another ques. Were based on Fill in the blanks with app. Idiom, or fragments that are grammatically correct. To sum up the verbal test was the easy one and one who is good at English can do it very well. 

    On 4th april we were to given the HR at 08:30 am. The HR round was just a piece of cake but u have to be confident with positive attitude. Plus a good smile will add beauty to your HR. The HR round was not more than 15-20 min.

    The result was announced at 2:00 pm.

    That?s all to say see u at Infy


    Chandra Prashant Sharma

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