Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Nehru College Of Engineering-24 Apr 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Nehru College Of Engineering-24 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, i m Vaidyanath PK (YDE').I had my interview for INFOSYS at Nehru College Of engg. and research centre...
    The procedure was simple...
    First we had an aptitude test comprising of 30 logical questions which were to be solved in 40 minutes and then a verbal ability test comprising of 40 questions to be solved in 40 minutes.

    Once we had cleared that, we had the HR!!!!!my HR was a lady::
    HR: Goodaftrnoon
    Me : Goodaftrnoon
    HR : Have ur seat
    Me : thank u (i sat down)
    Hr: your resume , please!
    Me : Gave my resume
    HR : Are u from this college?
    ME : yes!
    Hr : Hows the college?
    Me : good college with hitech lab facilities and well trained faculty, overall good atmosphere for studies
    Hr : Where do u come frm
    Me : told
    HR : how do u come, then?
    ME : By college bus
    HR : How much time does it take?
    ME : 45 way
    HR : From where do u have ur food?
    ME : Coll. canteen
    HR : Good food there, huh??
    ME : Ofcourse....tasty food
    HR : U have u were in the college football team...ur college won a fotbal tournament few days back...were u in the team??
    ME : No mam....
    HR : Why?
    ME : Was having my semester exams...
    HR : have u found any difficulty while playin with ur team
    ME : No
    Hr : Any disputes with ur team members or any change of opinions???
    ME : No mam, Not at all....all the team members were very cooperative , understanding and friendly!!!!
    HR : Have u had any problems in followin orders from ur captian?
    ME : First of all,  wen i was in the college team, i was in First year and the captain was a final yr guy..i had no other option but to listen to   him...oterwise also there was no problem for me...there might have been opinion differences among the senoir members of the team...but it never   went out of the team...we were able to sort it out ourselves
    HR : Other than football...wat else extracurricular activities have u done in college
    ME : Won first prize in story writin at this yrs college fest
    HR : Wat gave u inspiration to write the story?
    ME : The topic for the competition was "Creative Thinking Gives U Success in missions" i thought of some creative advertisements and put them together along with some humour to get a good story
    HR : U were in the school cricket team...y r u not in the college cricket team?
    ME : There r guys who play better than they r in the team
    HR : So did u stop playing cricket??
    ME : No!! i still regularly play...unfortunately i couldnt make it to yhe team
    HR : Which all games did u play in school
    ME : Futbol, cricket, Vollyball, Basketball, Atheletics, javelin throw, Relay ,etc...(Be sure u have certificates to prove them!!)
    HR : So why didnt u continue athelics in college??
    ME : As such..there is not much promotion for atheletics in our college,,,but we have a goof football and cricket recently a volley ball and basketball team has also been formed...(Dont criticise your own college)
    HR : How do u keep urself informed about latest development in mechanical field?
    ME : I browse the net!!
    HR : Which all sites?
    Me : generally search google when i hear about new things and get the resulf in wikipedia..deeper search yields me good journals!!
    HR : Wats ur opinion abt NANO(Tata s new car)
    ME : Would me more useful for autorickshaw drivers in kerala as auto costs 88thousand and the car costs 1 lac!!!!
    HR : Wat abt its security??
    ME : Considering the foreign cars lik BMW and audi in India.....i think i give 2 on 5
    HR : But most of the parts r fibre???
    ME : gave a technical explantion...and told the car is only 650cc and has its own speed limitations and thus wont have a terrible accident...then all depends on the driver and the opp. coming vehicle
    HR : Having taken mechanical, why ahve u come to it field??
    Me : Started off as " Infosys being top 5 companies..." soon she told she didnt wast to know y have i chosen Infoys but why IT as a whole?
    ME : we can showcase our skills in IT field.
    HR : Then what about MECH??
    ME : Infosys was the first company to come here and i attended it
    HR : Do u refer any books for extra information??
    ME : yes.. from the library...and we r having good lecturers who suggest us good book!!!
    HR : Have you ever could forsee a problem and escape from it??
    ME : Yes, indeed
    HR : Wen and how?
    ME : wen playin football....wen the ball is between 2 players and theres only a 50-50 chance of getting the ball and if we feel theother player would tackle hard...i move away frm tat.....(the HR was impressed with that quick response)
    HR : Wat have u learnt from playin football all these yrs?
    ME : First wen was in the school team, i was a junior and had to play wonder a i learnt how to be under a leader.....Wen I became senior , i Was the school team captain and i learnt how to manage a team!!!
    HR : being the captain, Have u ever had problems?
    ME : Of course.....wen selecting the school team, all my frnds wanted to be in the team..but only some could play well,so i had to drop the rest and had to put in juniors to make the team...
    HR : So u made the team at the cost of your friendship?
    ME : No mam,,..we had a goal to motto to make a good team
    HR : Then, How did u convince ur friends?
    ME : i told them that we had a goal to achieve...and convinced them by takin them in the cheer team.

    Then the HR asked me sign in 2 places and let me off........
    Once u clear the aptitude, u r 90% the HR, they r checking only ur communication skill and whether u r a team player or not....

    ALL THE BEST!!!!



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