Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Narasaraopet Engineering College-19 Jun 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Narasaraopet Engineering College-19 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends, I have undergone INFOSYS recruitment process at Narasaraopet Engineering college on 19th of June ,2008. As usual there were two rounds in recruitment process
    1)written test
    2)HR interview

    Written Test
    There were two sections in written test
    1)Reasoning test (30 Q's-40 min)
    2)Verbal test (40 Q's-35 min)

     Reasoning Test
    This section was quite easy. You can just sail through it. The pattern consists of
    1)Two puzzles(1.height comparison puzzle. It was very easy
    2.A 9-digit number should be divisible by9,by removing one digit
     it should be divisible be 8 so.. on. check that number once)
    2)Pick odd one out of given figures
    4)Data Interpretation (A table was given in percentages ..calc. was a bit tough)
    5)Data Sufficiency (percentages, time & distance, geometry....)
    Go through R.S.Agarwal for reasoning test.

    Verbal test
    This section was little bit difficult. Time management is very important here.
    The test pattern consists of
    1)2 long passages
    2)sentence correction(on tenses)
    3)fill in the correct alternative
    4)Replace underlined part with correct alternative
    5)Theme detection
    Go through good grammar books. Thorough preparation is necessary for it. Do passages at last. It is time taking.

    After written test results were announced at 3:30p.m.I'm lucky to be one of the short listed students.(67 were short listed from 1300 students).

    2)HR interview was very easy. They just see our communication skills.

    me: excuse me sir
    Hr: yes Mr.kushvanth come in
    Hr: how is u r day today
    me: fine sir
    Hr: Explained a situation and asked me how u would you have resolved it
    Me: did it
    Hr: Gave me a list of topics and asked me to select a topic and speak abt it for a min.
    me: did it quite easily(topics were very easy).He interrupted me a lot in between, but we should not loose continuity.
    Hr: He gave me one more situation to read and asked me to give an alternative solution for it.
    me: gave a good solution..

    A few more easy questions...very easy to manage. Finally 34 students were short listed from 67 students.By god's grace i was one among the selected candidates.

    Meet u at INFOSYS friends....All the best.

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