Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   MBM Engg. College-18 Mar 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   MBM Engg. College-18 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Helo frnds this is Niraj IT (3rd Yr)?.4m MBM engg college?INFosys came 2 our college on 18th march,08?and 250 candidates appear 4 the aptitude test..
    The aptitude test was conducted in 2 rounds ..first was the reasoning round.. comprising of 30 ques?.
    ->Puzzle test(refer RS agarwal Verbal-Non verbal)
    ->Data sufficiency
    ->data interpratation..
    ->Syllogism<vry imp>
    I will suggest u to refer RS agarwal <verbal and Non verbal > for it? Pls have a target of 70% ques..because they may have u[pper cut off v we were lucky in this case?

    Then came the English part?it comprised..of
    Reading comprehension.. which were long and damn easy.. many give the advice 2 do them @ the last.. but I will advice..u 2 attempt them frst..
    And there is a trick in doin it..u dnt hav 2 go thru the whole..passage..first u read the question..then catch the word in it..and try 2 find the word in passage..thus u wil get the ans..
    Rest toh wrere based on tenses and preposition..4 ths I will suggest u 2 go thru WREN.n helps a lot?
    The the results wrer announced arnd 69 made it to the inerviw round and I was lucky engh 2 b one f them..

    Then came the interview?mine was taken by elderly person?well it differs 4m individual to individual..but ?NO TECHNICAL?..only ?HR??prepare  urself 4 sme quick solve puzzles..also dnt stammer in front f himm..if u dnt knw the ans..jus say ?sorry sir?..he wil acknowledge that..and always in ur answer bring urself 2 ..tht u r a team person..never say I alone can do the work?.sme questions weer..
    2.Wat u learnt 4m CHAK D INDIA?(team work)
    3.tell me smethng abt ur family?
    4.What innovative work u hav done so far?
    5.hav urself well prepared on ur hobbies?.

    Later that day in evening results were announced.. and by god grace?and my frnzs faith in me.. made me THE INFOSCION.. arnd 49 got selcted out f 69?I m proud 2 say I was one f them? frnz..

    B COOL?B CALM?..B CONFIDENT?all the best 2 u all?


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