Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Jss Academy Of Technical Education, Noida-1 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Jss Academy Of Technical Education, Noida-1 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends,
    good news first i have been selected in INFOSYS. I would like to thanks Freshers World for all the guidance i got from it and to all those who contributed their papers and experiences .I would also like to request all you readers that don't forget to contribute the papers after your exam. When you take something, you should also give it back.

    Exam Pattern:
    Logical Reasoning - 30Ques- 45mins
    Test of English -40 Ques- 30mins

    Logical Reasoning:
    Q(1) Puzzle problem (5 sub ques)
    eg: prasana bowled this....much overs .His bowling figures were given... (something like that)

    Q(2) 5 ques on continue the Series (5 figures were given and we had to find the answer from the 4 figure options given)- (Non-Verbal Reasoning-RS agarwal series chapter 1)

    Q(3)5 ques on Data Sufficiency. 2 statements were given.
    the options given were : we require 1st statement alone or 2nd statement alone or any one alone or both required or none.

    Q(4)a ques on Data Interpretation  (5 sub ques) -  (Quant Aptitude- RS Agarwal Data Interpretation section II)

    Q(5)a puzzle problem (Non-Verbal Reasoning-RS agarwal blood relation,puzzle test chapter)
    eg:5 married couples are there ..their occupations were given.... they go to a party....ashutosh came before rajiv...basu is a book seller...(something like that)
    we had to tell:-
    1)who came before whome
    2)who is jeweller
    3)correct couple

    Q(6)5 ques on syllogism - (Verbal reasoning - II part logic chapter)

    Verbal section:

    Q(1)a half page comprehension followed by 5 questions.
    Q(2)a one page comprehension followed by 5 questions.
    Q(3)10 questions on find the correct sentence.
    Q(4)10 questions on fill in the blank with correct option.
    eg:a person who throws someone out of a restaurant is called....(ans:bouncer)
    Q(5)10 questions to draw the inference from given paragraphs.(10 small paragraphes were given).
    some Quest asked were- Tell me about yourself,current affairs,some uses of a shirt,tubelight. puzzle how would you place 4 trees quidistant from each other(triangular pyramid),how will you find the average of 4 women and no one is ready to say anything about her age or about other's age.

    all the best

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