Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   J D Academy, Pune-26 Nov 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   J D Academy, Pune-26 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi, Everybody,

    This is Sujeet from Pune.

    I?d given the Infosys Test on 26th Nov  at Pune.

    The test ppr consisted of:

    (1) Section I -   Aptitude test  -30Q  45 mins

    (2) Section 2 -  English           -40Q  30 mins




    A cube based Prblm

    Thr is a 10 cm cube,it is painted with a layer of blk colour of 1 cm alonf its edges and rst of part is paintd wid blue color., thn it is cut into 1000 pieces.


    Q1 how many small cubes hav 2 sides painted black/

    Q2 how many sides hav no sides paintd black?

    Q3 how many p[ieces hav at least 2 sides paintd black?

    Q4 how many sides hav adjacnt sides blue n blk resp.

    Q5 how many pieces hav at least 1 side paintd



    Non-verbal reasoning ,

    It ws a bit tough, but if u practice, non-v type prob, then it cud b solved in due time. Dnt it lightly as I?d taken.


    Data Sufficiency problem

    -medium level, analyse carefully,very close & confusing ones.


    e.g.  (1)7% of C.P  = 9% of S.P



    Data Interpretation

    Two tables were ther

    A certain factor(product rate factor, prf) ws compared among some countries,

    Factors like research,technology, training, production (perhaps), were given of countries like US,UK, germany,india & japan.

    All factors had some weightage given e.g. research =0.3,training=.4, etc.

    Followed by 5 questions., 4 were very-very easy one, & 1 was a bit tedious to calculate.

    Be fast to analyse, try solving by making common tables & yes, be quick, time is very precious.


    Comments from gavaskar bout 4 players, sachin,kambli,shastri & dravid,

    all have a specific batting style among technical, offensive, stylish, & 1 more type ws there.

    4 typical strokes played among stret drive, sqr cut, flick & covr drive.

    The offnsive batsmn played flick

    Tendulkar loves stret drive

    Kambli & shastri not technically sound

    One more case ws there.

    Very easy prblm. Any1 cn do it.



    Logical deduction

    medium level
    choose any three logical sequence, 4 choices given,



    Tips from my part- prepare from TIME or IMS CAT study material. These were very hlpful.

    Don?t take Nin verbal lightly, prepare it from RS agrwl?s.


    In my case, 25 out of 30 questions (xcept N.V.reasoning) were familiar with one booklet of TIME ( reasoning practice booklet of hardly 100 pages.)


    Fortunately, I have cleared the test & was the Ist one from the center to know the same.

    Waiting 4 the results, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze pray 4 me. God wil hlp U.

    If u feel that I can be hlpful 2 u, then feeel free 2

    Waiting for my dream 2 come true



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