Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Indore-1 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Indore-1 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends ,This is Sudipta from kolkata . first of all i would like to thank to god and all those people who have posted their exp. which helped me alot to get thru INFY . well i attended the INFOSYS drive at Gcect , kolkata on 6th mar of 2008 . The eligibility criteria was 60%( SSC),60%( HSC) and 65 % in graduation . The selection process consist of 2 phase viz WRITTEN and HR .

    WRITTEN :-
    1) Aptitude ( 40 min , 30 que )
    2) English (35 min , 40 que )

    Aptitude:- Its simple one .. just go thru d RS AGGRAWAL .. for selected topics .. definitely u will crack it ..the cut-off would b around  50 % .
    Q 1-5 ) this was a simple puzzle ( just go thru d puzzle section of RS AGGRAWAL VERBAL N NONVERBAL )
    Q 6-10) these r d figure problems .. very simple ones ...if u have ever gone thru this kind of problems .. then i believe that there is no need to practice for it .....o\w do RS verbal n non verbal
    Q 11-15) Data sufficiency problems ....refer RS AGGRAWAL QUANTITATIVE . this is more than sufficient
    Q 15-20) Data interpretation ...... EASY but lengthy one ... attempt it in last ...
    Q 20-25) problem on syllogism .. practice with RS verbal n non verbal .....
    Q 25-30) it was another puzzle

    English ;- It will b quite typical if u r not good @ basic grammar ... o\w its also simple one ....
    Q1-5 n 6-10 ) in this section there r 2 RC'S which r simple ones but time consuming ..... so better to attempt them in last ...
    ==> After that der were some question on Sentence Completion (8 questions)
    a sentence beginning will be given u need to choose the correct ending sentence from 4options depending upon tense, singular, plural, articles..
    ==> Sentence correction (8 questions)
    same as above but u need to correct the full sentence choosing from 4 options
    ==> Passage conclusion (8 questions)
    a small passage will be given u will be asked to choose best title or conclusion for the passage
    ==> Fill the blank (8 questions)
    same grammar questions,, here instead of sentence u need to choose the correct word
    I think d cut-off was 60 % for this section also .....finally out of apprx 400 candidate 25 got thru written ..don?t take any pressure for English apti. just practice a lot it will b easier.

    INTERVIEW :-here they just test u for ur confidence n ur communication skills .......
    me :  may i come in sir .
    intw : yes
    me : thank u sir
    intw : plz b seated
    me : good afternoon sir
    intw :good afternoon Sudipta
    me : thank you sir ..( then he just  showing my own academic marks which r previously written on the form  & say me .r they correct as u concern.I say absolutely sir. n told me to sign on d form .....)
    intw ok Sudipta tell me about your hobbies ?
    me : told (cooking, playing cricket, driving bike)
    intw .As a cricketer what u achieve in your life ?
    me : As a captain I won the inter school cricket championship.
    Intw :how u motivate your team just before the final match ?
    Me : told (what u told it doesn?t matter. by asking this types of question they just want to judge your leadership quality. so always try to say the actual incident. don?t try to make any story.
    intw: what types of creativity u show in your cooking hobby.
    Me : told
    Intwr : now Sudipta say me in one sentence what u learn from ur 22 yrs life ?
    Me: (I think this was the most difficult qustn which I faced) and simple express my realization about life.
    Intw (I think impressed little bit.) but he say I am impressed on u.
    Intw: ell about others activity.
    Me :I say I am a social worker. Explain all about it.
    Intw :do u have any question to me ?
    Me :what I have to improve for myself ?
    Intw :As it?s a selection process is going on I cannot say u this types of ans. ok ?If we meet again then I will tell u.
    Me :ok sir.
    intw thanks Sudipta .. BEST OF LUCK
    me: thank you sir. nice to meet u.

    finally around 6.30 pm d results were announced 14 out of 25 made it n i was one of them ..
    well frnds its not at all a tough job to crack d infi ... i just prepared for 5 days .. n made it .. forget all previous failures n have faith in GOD u will definitely crack it ...

    i think my this post will help people to crack infi .. ...i will try my best to help u ..


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