Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   HCST,Madhura-15 May 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   HCST,Madhura-15 May 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends.. this is Saurabh Gupta from Anand Engineering College, Agra?from Electronics & Instrumentation Branch...I attended Infosys on pool campus in HCST, Mathura....and I got through it finally....but first of all I would like to thank freshersworld that has helped me a lot to go through the pattern of the aptitude test paper.......there were around 800 students from 6 diff. colleges appeared for written and 138 selected for HR, out of which 103 candidates selected finally.(54 cleared written n 38 got through HR from Anand Engg. College, Agra) and by gods grace i was one among them...The very important thing to crack any campus is just b honest to yourself ...b confident never b over confident. it takes u away...and most imp.....just believe in your self...u r the one who can do the best?and always have a sweet smile on your face...

    CRITERIA :- 60% throughout, no backlogS at the time of joining (i,e. there was no criteria regarding back papers)

    There were two rounds in selection procedure ..
    1.Logical reasoning(30 questions) 40 MIN.
    2.English section(40 questions) 30 MIN. 

    The logical section consisted of the following questions....
    1.2 puzzle tests of 10 marks? (Just go through QUESTION its more than enough.....)
    2.5 series figure questions of 5 marks (go through QUESTION...was very easy...)
    3.5 questions on data sufficiency (was easy but need some practice)
    4.5 questions on logical reasoning or syllogism... (was very easy...use venn-diagram method & hav a god practice)
    5.5 question on Data interpretation (Just go through the question in aptitude book......have a very good practice of exercise from 6(a) to 6(e),R.S.Aggarwal,Reasoning)

    The questions was quite easy but need hard work.. and also depends on your LUCK , it really matters....
    after this they gave us next paper which was ENGLISH ,
    believe me it was really tough compare to the first one...
    so there was no time to think anything....

    The English section consisted of the following questions....
    1. 2 paragraphs based questions ( try to do it in last minutes as it is very easy u have to just go through it once it is of total 10 marks )
    2. Correction of underlined sentence very minor difference?5 question
    3. Theme detection 5 question
    4. Choose the correct sentence of 5 marks, and
    5. Fill in the blanks (using correct sentence?from options given?). 
    for verbal section I must say that prepare the basic things like tense, preposition , speeches, voices etc...............u can also go for the MBA study material.....or prefer wren n martin.........(i used ims study material for prepare this section)

    Written test was ok and the results were around 5 pm and I went through... After that HR interviews started n final results were also declared college wise?

    FOR HR I WOULD SAY THAT DON'T PREPARE FOR ANYTHING ELSE BUT PREPARE FOR YOURSELF I MEAN KNOW UR that u can reply every thing more thing that u should go for puzzles that they ask in HR... One more thing that u must have all details n explanations about ur resume?so also prepare for this part?

    My call for HR was around 11:30pm , the interviewer was very good & cool.. My HR was of 30-35 min....
    when enter in the room always have a sweet smile on ur face....that makes a good impression on interviewer....
    The interview questions are ...............
    1.Tell me about yourself
    2.Asked about % in 10th,12th & B.Tech
    3.asked 3 puzzles.. (was very easy)
    a) you have 2 ropes of same length(1 mt.)..made up of same material.. if we burn it individually from its 1 end then fire will take 1 hr. to reach in its another end.. now the ques. is...u have no stop watch, clock...etc. then how will u count that 45 min. have passed.
    b) asked an odd man out series based on prime no's.
    c) you hav a cuboid of equal side if we double its all sides..then what will be the volume of cuboid.
    4.what is database?
    5.why u want 2 join infosys?
    6.asked about any further studies... will u celebrate your father's birthday?
    8.wht gift will u give 2 your father on his b'day?
    9.wht gift will u give 2 guests i,e. return gift?
    (these ques. were just to check my communication skills & confidence)
    10.asked about participation in any debate, paper presentation.. etc?
    11.asked about games u play?
    12.asked about any extra curricular activities?

    the interview was went up to 30-35 min , after that they announced the result in next morning at 10.00am I m one of them ,selected in infy, after that infy HR come to meet all the selected students.. he was very cool .... 

    always trust the almighty GOD n if its your day nobody can stop u , one thing always kept in your mind which is.......
    "always thanks GOD what u have
    always trust GOD what u need"
    my all the best wishes for all .......


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