Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Guru Nanak Engineering College, Hyderabad-26 Jun 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Guru Nanak Engineering College, Hyderabad-26 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hey guys, This is Harleen.Im doin my engineering. A brief intro about the Infosys paper is as below. Before i start off with the aptitude paper,i would really like to tell u guys to be good with time management!!!

    The aptitude paper was divided into2 parts..

    In this section v had 30 quest.. and 40 min to solve them..This paper was given first!!

    Q1-Q5: These questions were based on cubes as in if the opposite sides of the cube are painted with the same colour and the 3 colours which are used are red,green and yellow,and the cubes is cut into parts then how many pieces would be red,yellow ,etc..

    Q6-Q10: This set of questions was based on finding the missing figure...could be solved with jus a little presence of mind.

    Q11-Q15: The questions here were based on Data Sufficiency.Each question coved a different area of quant,like one was on S.I,C.I and the other on profit and loss .etc...

    Q16-20: This set was of DI...and all the 5 questions were based on one tabular column...(was quite tough)

    Q21-25: Now this was a perfect reasoning in there are 4 subjects and five ppl..if A had taken up biology and anthropology and B had only biology,C had anotomy and science D had only science and E had biology,anthropology and anotomy,then how many mim ppl are required so as all the subjects are covered...and so on..

    Q26-30: these questions were based on syllogisms..jus be perfect with the 9 rules of syllogisms..(quite an easy one).

    It consisted of 40 questions and they had to be solved in 30 min!!(time management is very imp!!) Here v had 2 reading comprehension passages..

    The first one was really long... and the second one was short..BUT i chose NOT TO Start with them..casue they would actually take away a lot of time where in there were only 5 questions under each passage!!

    Moving on to the other questions, there were correction of sentences,fill in the right tense,suitable conclusion of the passage..(all the questions were very simple..)

    After getting done with these get onto the reading comprehension..start off with the small passage first!,then if u hav time left u can move over to the big passage!!

    The cut offs for each section was arnd 15 -17 ..(approx..)
    Once you clear the aptitide,and face the HR round with confidence ,good communication skills and a smile on your face,ur into INFOSYS!!!(But dont forget to be HONEST and thorough with ur resume!

    And jus dont worry abt the HR round cause the HR's of Infosys are the sweetest ppl on the earth..they shall make you feel really comfortable and relaxed...


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