Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   GEC (Gudlavalleru)-18 Jun 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   GEC (Gudlavalleru)-18 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends this is RAJ CHAITANYA from Gudlavalleru engineering college (gudlavalleru) and i am electronic stream .on 18'th june 2007 infosys visited our college .out of 600 members 112  selected  in written test and  finally 43 memebers  got selected and i am proud to say that i am one of them.Among us some are CPM registered candidates.

    I would to share some of my experiences with you all.i think you might be about be knowing about the new infosys pattern.if not go through some previous papers in this site .

    there are two rounds

    dont think that infy writen is easy ,it is very difficult .for this i have prepared from various books .
    1.REASONING (agarval)

    PLEASE  pay more concentration on verbal part ,its very time consuming  and very difficult part.NON VERBAL part is quite easy when compared to verbal. Have max grip over syllogism because they are very to score and  for  this do agarval.for nonverbal agarval is better ,it will cover all the topics if go through the entire book.coming to verbal take a good CAT book and try to solve out more paragraphs,correction of sentences,inferences,correct words,

    .if possible try wrenn martin which will help you a lot. one more which were given to me was very lengthy ,many people say leave the paragraphs and do at last.But paragragphs the scoring part if you attempt them properly.dont waste much time for paragragphs ,provide yourself  sufficient time to answe them.
    that's about written

    SIR: GOOD EVENING  chaitanya
    I: i am thankful to u people for visiting pour college
    SIR: tell me about yourself
    I : some blah blah................
    sir:situation analysis questoins like if u wrer a project manager and to deliver the project in 2 days ,but suddenly you found bugs(errors) in your program ,then what will u do.
    I: some blah..............
    Sir :gave me a puzzle ,there are 6pairs of black and 6 pairs of white socks and you were in complete you  have pick up some in a sinle chance so that you can get a pair for you (either black or white pair)
    ANS: 3 socks.

    I: 4 balls are give and you have to place them such that every ball must equidistant to each other.
    ANS: pyramid or prism.
    SIR:some thing from my resume
    I: Blah...............
    SIR: if you were railway minister what you will u do ,tell me in 3 points
    Sir:do u have questions to ask me
    SIR : thank u

    friends one thing u have to remember ,be CONFIDENT through the interview is the weapon with u to attack the HR .dont loose your confidence even if he scolds you.he just wants to test your patience and your attiutude.always wear a SMILE up on your face.your  presence of mind is very important there .be polite with the HR.

    some times luck favours you ,but always remember  that hard work favours luck. ok ,all the best for your interviews.I wish u all best for the infy aspirants.


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