Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   DVRCET, Medak-4 Jun 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   DVRCET, Medak-4 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    This is Anirudh from bvrit .fortunately placed in infosys ! I would like to share my experiences in the infosys interview which was conducted at DVR  college on 4th June 2007.


    Well the written test as always in infosys pattern has two sections ?

    Aptitude and  verbal Ability


    The TEST

    Aptitude Test

    2 puzzles?..each 5 marks ??so 10 marks here

    5 questions on data interpretation ?we got a pie chart

    5 questions on data sufficiency

    10 questions on syllogisms.


    the secret is time management and planning


    First answer the 10 syllogisms perfectly,then come to data sufficiency and then try to solve the easy ones involving addition substraction and multiplication in data interpretation..then if u find some tougher ones in data interpretation move on to the puzzles.

    Solve the puzzles if they are easy.Usually at least one puzzle is easy and the other may be tough. Solve the tougher one after you attempted all other questions in the paper.


    Syllogisms are easier and scoring don?t miss out them !Shud get 10 on 10.

    But its not veryyyyyyy easy anyways ! bcoz u need to solve 4 of them per I give an example

    Read the given statements in a,b,c,d  and choose the right option.. like  in which set of statements the third statement can be derived from the preceeding two statements?.refer  now for exact meaning of syllogism.. u wll be clear..and solve the question below to start with..

    a. All greens are whites ,some whites are blacks, some greens are blacks

    b. Some horses are buffaloes,some buffaloes are mules, some horses are mules

    c. Some monitors are keyboards,some keyboards are mice, no mice are monitors

    d. No walls are roofs, no roofs are fans,some walls are fans .

    1) a,b,c        2) only b,d   3 ) only a     4) b,c,d

    The answer is 3 )?..

    Attempt first


    then data sufficiency

    then data interpretation ..if u find some difficult ones go for the puzzles

    if one puzzle is very time consuming leave it ..make sure u do well for the rest 25 marks..


    Verbal Test

    2 Reading  Comprehension passages..each 5 questions so 10 marks- huge passages almost 1.5 pages

    5 questions on Meanings of words in a given sentence

    10 questions on correction of sentences

    5 questions on conclusion of a paragraph


    In RC read the questions first and then go for the passages ..preferably read the first sentences from each para so that u have an idea wats there in wch para?and then search for the exact word specified in the question...these are easy to score don?t miss out RC shud get 10 on 10.


    As far as meanings are concerned we can hardly do anything if we have less time.. may be you should start at least 2 weeks before? aassuming that u havent taken any gre coaching (like me..i too didnt )


    Correction of sentences: concentrate on prepositions used for some verbs..and when to use plural and singular?..u should be good at  grammar?sometimes we feel that all the given options are correct except for one preposition ?so check out these ?.these are the toughest 1s in the verbal part


    Conclusion of a given paragraph?

    This is perhaps the most easiest part in the whole infy the given 3 liners quickly but with concentration, understand  them and answer the conclusion part..u may not find the exact words of the passage in the only find the idea of the passage in them..


    Attempt First :

    Meanings of words in a sentence  ?

    Passages?don?t read them the questions, then search in the passage.. then next

    Conclusion of paragraphs

    Last ?correction of sentence..this takes time so do the above 3 sections quickly .


    Be quick but solve every bit with gr8 concentration

    So all through the test your tag line should be QUICKLY BUT SURELY !!!




    Should be enuf?assuming ur good at maths i.e quant





    (Be your natural ! Don?t be a hypocrite .don?t act too cautious or too easy?be yourself.. that?s it !. After all you are not a movie star don?t act..b urself )


    My interviewer was Mr.X 

    Always  approach with a smile?no one is going to reject you just bcoz ur happy !

    I entered the room with a J and

    Me :Good evening sir

    Mr X : Good evening , hmm take your seat.

    Me: Thank you sir.

    Mr X: So , both of your parents are working in railways ? why don?t you also try in railways ?

    (The infosys application form had  info abt my parents occupation..u need to write them in the form before the test)

    Me : Sir, I?ve been professinally trained to be an engineer and I would not do justice to my acquired knowledge and skills if I join railways just as my parents did.Surely even they will not be happy if I choose to join railways.

    (As expected he asks the next question)

    Mr X: Then how do u think that ur electrical enginering skills r justified when u join IT industry.

    Me : Sir,I think engg in any field involves only creativity and innovation..the only difference is that we apply them differently and in diff applications..and moreover computer application and simulation is now in almost every field ..even in power systems IT is applied in SCADA to control power distribution..besides I have been exposed to c & ds,microprocessors computer architechture in during this I think??

    Mr X : Hmm ok? tell about yourself?


    I told abbt all my achievements and just briefly told abt my percentages with which I paassed out.10 inter and that I had tried for iit during inter but could not clear mains so wrote eamcet?so on.


    He then gave me a sheet of paper and asked to select any one topic from a ten in it.. also he mentioned that if I felt those topics were tough I could turn the other side of the paper for easier topics?guys this I think is an atitude I never turned the sheet other side .

    may be the other side was blank !! I selected  the first topic and he told me to think for 30 seconds and start speaking abt it for 1 minute?..The topic i selected was?..

    ?ppl leave companies not just for money but for skills and growth?

    I think I did well for abt some 50 secs? the last few secs I ran out of ideas and slowed down and dragged it to the 1 min deadline..its easy guys ur ideas matter ..not the number of them ..

    He asked a simple question about magnetism and also a puzlle from shakuntala devi (it seems.i never solved her). He will ask you to discuss how u solved the puzzle..




    You can ask about

    your growth in the company

    career options there

    what does a project manager really do other such questions that give him an impression that ur looking forward to work in infy and so ur asking abt how to prepare b4 u join and what exactly does ?working? mean in infy


    DONT ask abt the increment in ur pays and the place of posting 

    I asked : whats the diff between a  project manager and a programme manager ?

    I had heard the word program manager for the 1st time in the ppt earlier in the day?


    Also I asked about what actually what does a membership in Infosys Leadership Institute demand.

    Infy leadership institute is established at mysore for very efficient infy employees..this was shown in the ppt earlier in the day.During the ppt make sure you dream something about what to do after joining that you remember  at this moment to ask him abt options are always mentioned in the ppts of all companies


    All the best ?.be original and make the original ?you? fit to get a job.

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