Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Chitkara College Of Engg.-14 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Chitkara College Of Engg.-14 Feb 2007

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    The Complete test was divided into two sections:
    The aptitude section consisted of 30 questions 1 mark for each correct answer, No negative marking.Time 45 mins
    There were 3 logical reasoning type questions which were really tough rest were normal questions from the topics: Quant, data sufficiency etc... The cut off was 15/30

    Next was the English paper which consisted of 2 comprehenion passages, the first one was quiet long and a complex one so i started the paper from the last question. Rest of the questions were simple ones with grammar and correct sentence types....
    Total there were 45 questions and we were given 35 Mins to mark the answers.
    The cut off for the english paper was 23/45 The english paper was only checked if the student cleared the cutof in the aptitude paper else he/she was directly rejected.....

    Out of around 3500 students around 460(Not the correct figure) students were selected for the interviews...
    The interview as usual consisted of the HR round only.

    Interview checks:
    Analytical Ability
    Team player Qualities
    Innovative Skills
    Communication Skills

    The interviewer asked me about:
    a.) My background
    b.) My 3 biggest strengths
    c.) 2 puzzles 1 from the aptitude paper and the other one was the Dice one the dice is painted from all sides and then it is cut equally then we hav to find the 1 side painted cubes, 2side painted cubes and so on...

    Finally he asked me whether i read newspapers and all and i said rarely because this is a very difficult part. Say yes only when you know about the topic else say NO Then he asked me any three recent big news i said just the headlines and did not knew the details so i said no. Finally he asked me that if i wanted to ask anything about the company i asked two questions one related to the training and the other related to the technologies in Infy....

    Thats It...
    They checked whether the student was confident enough and truthful so be confident and always say the truth. The interview got over and i was selected....

    Always backup everything that u are saying with strong relevant examples specially for ur strengths and weekness's Bcoz when he asked me about my three strengths i answered him Team Player and gave him the example of the fest that was held in our college and i was in the organising team.
    He was so impressed after i explained him the way i organised that he did not even asked me my other two strengths...

    So confidence and truthfulness are the 2 keys for clearing the Infy interview.

    Best Of Luck
    Abhiraj Malhotra

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