Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Cambridge Foundation School, Delhi.-19 Nov 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Cambridge Foundation School, Delhi.-19 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    I m Shelja Sharma.i wrote paper on 19th nov. at Delhi centre.i think till now most of the students have this information that pattern has changed.i got new pattern.q's were like this:
            A rectangular block of lenght 7 cm,breadth 5 cm n height 5 cm is cut into many numbers of smaller reactangular blocks of dimensions 1cm * 1cm * 1cm.n different colors were given for all sides:
    1)how many blocks have two faces red n green....
    n 4 q's like this.sorry unable to remember.
    (6-10):four figures are given n we have to find out 5th fiqure in series.(for this q. do all types from "series" chapter in non verbal section of VERBAL N NON VERBAL REASONING:R.S.AGGARWAL)(becz in previous new pattern papers,this q: was odd figure  but i got find out 5th figure in series,k)
    (11-15):data interpretation q:u can jst see some type of q: frm any buk ,like bar graph,dootted graph r line graph q.(do this q: in last )
    q 1)is  x^y > y^y
    1: y is an integer     2: x>=4
    n 4 q's like this....
    (do data sufficiency problems from r.s.aggarwal. n u should have a knowledge of basic mathematics like:interger,nonterminating repeating fractions,LCM ,HCF....etc..)
    (21-25):again one puzzle:MR. sharma,verma...etc. etc. their proffession,no: of children,...means it was a jumbled type problem in which there were so many things mixed regarding 4 or 5 persons.n five q's following this para.(for this type of q, concentrate fully on jumbled type problems in puzzle chapter of R.S.AGGARWAL.N laso do this chapter completely to attempt ,two puzzle q's)
    (25-30):five q's were like this:
             q:1) A.all dogs r animal,all cat r animal ,some cat r dog.
    and four options were given:
    1: A only   2:A and D only   3:B only    4:D only
    for attempting this q. do LOGIC chapter from logical reasoning section of verbal n non verbal reasoning:R.S.AGGARWAL n leran all those 9 rules.
    i have done B.E.(C.S.) IN 2005 n got a call after one yr. although i got HONOS. IN B.E.
    frdz ,i knew it that pattern has changed n also i studied according to changed pattern only. i did around 1000q's for new pattern n i got new one but q's were little bit of different approach n to attempt unseen q. it takes overall i want to say time n LUCK r the two important factors. time is too short for the paper.i m not selected though i worked hard.better next time as i m optimistic gal i can never lose my hope n want to covey the same msg to my other frdz who r not selected that opprtunities don't end at INFOSYS ONLY.KEEP TRYING,KEEP SMILING N

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