Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Cambridge Foundation School ,Delhi-10 Dec 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Cambridge Foundation School ,Delhi-10 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi,  freinds i will like to share my experience with you people...

    i hv attended infosys paper in dehi it was easy ....... i got selected i had interview that was also cool very general .
    i will gv you an idea.

    in written exam
    Q 1- 9 digit no. if last one discarded no. is divisible by 8, again if last 1 discarded no. is divisible by 7..again if last 1 discarded no. is divisible by 6.and then 5 questions on this i din't attemp thios question so i don't remember much sory.
    Q 2- logic series non verbal mising figure refer r s aggarwal non verbal series chapter very easy 5 question on it too.
    Q 3-data sufficiency refer any cat material.........very easy just tricky 5 questions on it
    Q 4 data interpretation  salae of two years in first year ratio changes and for second year too east but time consuming...five question on it.refer rs aggarwal data interpretation or any cat material .
    Q 5 puzle same as in rs aggarwal puzzle test section do rs aggarwal verbal non verbal thoroghly thats enough just 4-5 days prepration is enough.
    Q 6 last 1 is syllogism kind just logical connectivity u can do it easily try to analyse options easy one...
    english section
    two bib passages  but 10 questions only rest are sentence correction , fill in the blanks easy no need to prepare u can do it they are concentrating on english so try to do it well.don't attempt all question , rough work is as important as fair work.
    time management is very important.
    in my interview they asked from my resume only so prepare it ..........general question ur role model, what quality you like in urself most.........tell me about urself..... 7 11 31 series and from six match sticks make two equilateral triangle..thats it
    guys please pray for me .result will be out after 2 weeks my interview was next day.
    al the best for ur preprarion.


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