Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   B.M.A.S Engineering College, Agra-6 Apr 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   B.M.A.S Engineering College, Agra-6 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,

    1) crack wriiten test with a good score there is no chance for cheating because infosy will not allow u to do that as they have there pannel to conduct the exam ur collage have no role on it.
    2) Have ur Acedemic records over 70%(u r eligible to sit if u hv 65% in C.B.S.E or  60% in state board)it really matters at the time of interview.
    3) Be Confidant n dont lie them. 

    On pool campus derive of infosy on 5th April out of 962 students 203 had successfuly cracked the written paper in which 44 r from our college (I.E.T Agra)

    The test is conducted under two sections:
    (A) The analytical reasoning part(40 min & 30 questions)
    (B) English usage (30 min & 40questions)

    Infosys is following the cat pattern and is concentrating on the candidates time management, general aptitude And vocablury.

    (1)English paper was tough one but conains questions from our daily English usage,a person with average english speaking skills have to work more in this section, no antonyms ,synonyms were asked so no need learn those from barons for infy atleast. it consis to two passage one is easy n other is not so easy as it was too long so preferable do it at last. there are some question to correct the sentance n like this be prepeared for ur gramatical skill if u r lacking it in urs than forget abt infy, so start prepearing for it frm a good grammer book like wren n martin.

    (2) Analytical portion was quite easy one only u have to think abt is for time managment i will suggest u to do Data intepretations at last. there r questions frm missing figure n odd man out like this.u just refer too R.S.Agarwaal it will help u to crack it.

    On next day (6th April)all shortlisted candidate r asked to report at the college at 10 am sharp for college wise interview. The interview was really cool one there are 13 pannels who r taking the interviews of 13 different students at one time. they simply want to judge ur speaking n communication ability,so if u r good on that then there is abt 90% chance of getting shortlisted in final list.

    on my interview they simply ask question frm my resume espessialy frm my hobbies so be prepeared for it with a good example. for example if ur hobbie is listening music then u must know what type of music n who is the singer of tht music who composed the song like this they can ask any thing,they asked me abt my get ready for it.

    at 5 pm sharp they announsed the result out of 203 the final list consist of 122 sucessful candidates(including me). 
    From our college I.E.T agra we 27 students are finally got selected and i thanx to all my teachers n friends who coperated with us.

    With warm regards,
    Dhiraj Kumar

    See u at infosys......................

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