Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Aurora`s Engg College, Hyderabad-5 Jul 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Aurora`s Engg College, Hyderabad-5 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi iam rakesh
    Iam CSE student and i got selected for infosys here is whole test paper for u. There are two rounds one is written test and other is HR round.

    written test consists two sections
    1. General aptitude

    general aptitude contains questions basically on reasoning so be thorough with r.s.aggarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning.
    30 questions and 40 min
    1-5 questions based on some given data it is simple
    5-10 odd man out be prepare with classifications in nonverbal reasoning
    10-15 data sufficiency
    15-20 data interpretation
    20-25 puzzle test
    25-30 syllogism

    verbal 40q 30min it is bit tough
    1-10 passages but my advice 2 u is dont start with it as it time consuming
    10-15 find out the correct sentence
    15-25 blanks some options are given
    25-30 correct the sentences
    30-40 some small passages are given
    sorry iexactly dont remember the questions but be prepare with tenses especially present perfect. i cleared test and they announced results around 3.00pm. at 3.15 my hr was there

    i entered the room with a smile
    hr: tell me about urself which was not there in resume.
    me : i said..
    hr: he gave me one topic to speakon for 2 min
    me : i did
    he gave me two situations  and i explained him. and then he asked me about my family background and i told him
    he asked my hobbies
    i said cricket
    and then he poured questions on it like what is weight of cricket ball and so on.. so be prepare for it
    he interviewed me for 25 min
    be confident and dont be panic. they dont check ur answers but only ur confidence. he didnot ask me any puzzles but my friends were asked.

    they anounced results around 7.00pm. and iam happy that i got selected into infosys.
    all the best for u see u at infosys.

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