Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Asansol Engg. College-21 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Asansol Engg. College-21 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends !! This is Sudhanshu from Asansol Engineering College. I undertook the Infosys campus test on 21st of feb.There were two rounds-Aptitude and HR. Around 225 students from my college took the test out of which 36 cleared the first round (aptitude) and finally 23 got selected. I don't remember the actual question that were asked in the apti but i m giving u an overview of the questions asked.----

    There were two sections -English and the Reasoning sections
    40 mins were  allotted for the reasoning section which included 30 questions as under:
    1) There was one question from Barron's GRE 12th edition--the one that said there are four dogs in a contest securing 1st 2nd 3rd 4th spots, four owners........and the questions were followed (only the names were changed).

    2) There was a partially filled chart given that mentioned the no of male and female students in the class and their performance grades(good,average,excellent). Some information were given based on which we had to complete the table and answer the questions. It was an easy one.

    3) There were a total of 6 questions from Venn Diagrams---question like---
    a)all cats are dogs
     b)all dogs are birds
     c)all birds are aeroplanes......etc
    based upon these we had to answer the questions.

    4)There were five questions related to figures where four figures were given and we had to predict the 5th one.

    5)There were five questions in which one condition was given followed by two statements. We had to say whether statement a or statement b or both are needed to justify the condition.

    **Caution:- Please make sure that you do rough work properly and  in a manner which is at least readable. This is because Infosys not only checks your answers but it also checks the rough work and selection is carried only after examining both. If u dont do rough work you are not going to be selected even if u get all the question right. Do take this thing seriously.

    There were 40 questions and 35 mins were allotted for this.
    There were 2 lengthy passages but simple one with a total of 10 questions(5 questions each). My advice is that don't go for the passages in the beginning as they are really lengthy and will surely kill your time. Better go for the rest 30 questions first which are comparatively easy.
    1)It comprised of around 5 sentence correction problems(i.e. four sentences were given and we had to opt for the correct one).

    2)There were 2 questions on synonyms.

    3)Around 6-7 question were paragraph based in which a small paragraph was given followed by the options where we had to choose the option close in meaning / as a consequence to the paragraph.

    Rest i dont remember but they were similar to the sentence correction like error findings,etc

    After the test we were made to wait in the PPT hall where after 3 hours results were announced and we were taken to the HR room...

    HR Interview
    I was called in a cabin where my HR personnel was a very gentle man. He would be around 50.
    He greeted me and asked me to sit down.I responded accordingly.
    HR: Tell me in brief abt yourself, ur family,ur strengths and ur hobbies.
    Ans: said...(i was nervous and it reflected in my voice initially but soon i overcame the situation)
    HR: Why were u stammering in the beginning??
    Ans: Actually ,i was a bit nervous
    HR: why were you nervous??Am i going to eat u...(laughs)??
    Ans: No sir...(smiled).
    By now i had become calm and was ready to face the questions with confidence.
    HR: Do u read newspapers daily??
    A: Yes sir !

    He started asking me questions abt US Politics---What is the party system,who are the representatives of the two,what sort of tussle is going on between Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, How a US president is elected.. etc etc
    I explained him everything correctly..He even tried to mislead me but i persisted with my answer and lastly he too responded accordingly.
    HR: You said that u have leadership qualities...prove it..!
    A: (I was prepared for this and satisfied him)
    HR: Suppose u are the team leader and u r given a project which u have to finish in a very short time and there is a person in the team who is a very close friend to u and he lets u down.. what will u do???
    A: I'll try to find the reason why he's behaving in this way, i ll try to make him understand the consequences of this,the impression that he's going to give to his fellow mates...etc etc.... and i m sure he will understand the problem and co-operate with me.
    HR: And what if still he doesn't co-operate you??
    A: Sir,business will always be my first priority and so i'll take the necessary action.
    (He seemed to be pleased with my answer).
    HR: Suppose there is an iron hammer and a wooden hammer.Which one will get heated first in the sun and why??
    A: (This was a simple question and i answered it correctly)

    Then he asked me another couple of questions and then i put few questions.
    Finally, i shook hands with him and left the room..
    After 2 hrs results were announced and obviously i was selected. Thanks to the  !!

    ***And do mind that during interview they always ask 1-2 puzzles. So be prepared for this. They don't expect u to solve but they just want to see your approach. They don't ask technical questions. They give stress only on ur analytical skills. So do solve logical reasoning questions and Shakuntala Devi's puzzles..

    ***The Package for B.Tech was Rs.3 lacs/annum.

    ALL THE BEST....!

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