Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Anuraag Engg College , Hyderabad-2 Jul 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Anuraag Engg College , Hyderabad-2 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frnds,  

    Written has 2 parts namely

    1.      Logical (30 Questions)
    2.      Verbal   (40 Questions)


    The pattern is as follows

    Logical Reasoning consists of 30 Questions which shd be answered in 40 min


    It had 6 questions n 5 internal questions

    (1-5)?There was 5 questions based on dice

    (6-10)?and these questions are based on finding odd figure from given set

    (11-15)?questions on data sufficiency easy ones

    (16-20)?questions on data interpretation (some what difficult very time consuming)

    (20-25)?5 questions on puzzle test 1st model from R.S Agarwal

    (26-30)?questions on syllogisms and R.S. Agarwal did?t helped us dey gave 5 statements and shd find 3 logically correct statements


    Verbal paper consists of 40 Questions which shd be answered in 30 min

    It consists of two R.C

    Correction of sentences

    Deriving conclusion from given passages

    Questions on prepositions


    There is no sectional cut off and negative marking so try to solve as many problems as you can and cut off was 30


    Preparation Material:

    Try to complete the following topics from R.S. Agarwal verbal n non verbal

    1. puzzle test (all d 7 types)

    2. seating arrangement

    3. data sufficiency

    4. data interpretation

    5. blood relations

    6. coding decoding

    7. syllogism

    8. cubes and dice

    9. classification from non verbal(finding odd figure)

    10. directions

    11. ranking

    12. Sequential output tracing.

    13. Deriving conclusion from passages


    Never leave any topic from R.S Agarwal verbal and nonverbal try to practice each and every problem.

    And for verbal solve as many exercises as u can from Wren and Martin

    N topics are

       1. Articles

       2. Prepositions

       3. Tenses

       4. Auxilaries and Modals


    Time management is important in verbal section. In addition to our hard work  luck shd also favour us so pray for ur luck



    Pavani Turaga

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