Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Annauniversity ,Chennai-3 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Annauniversity ,Chennai-3 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi ppl... i attended the infosys placement program at anna university , chennai on march 3rd and 4th and got placed,...i tot i wud help u by sharing all wat i remember

    first was the preplacement attention cuz some students wer asked questions 4m the data presented here  in their h.r interviews.

    then was the test....b4 the test papers are handed out a form is given , u hav to fill in basic details like name, d,o.b , address, carry a photo, references working in the company if any..and marks, infosys asks 4 the total marks 4m 1st semester add all the marks nd keep them ready...similarly for ur 12th nd 10th marks also

    the format for logical reasoning is( 40 minutes and 30 questions)
    1) answer based on the data given like 3 ppl wer ther a,b and c....they each had a certain amount of money.(dnt remember the exact amnt)..they played a game wher the one wid the highest amount started the game , he gave half d amount he had to the other two ( equal share) , similary the nxt person wid the highest amt repeated the actions,the game ended after all the 3 got a chance...5 questions came 4m dis, they wer similar to the following

     #hw much did 'A' hav at the end of round 2..
     #hw much did 'b' hav at the end.
     #hw much did 'C' hav at the end of round 3.
     #hw many rounds did the game go on 4
     #when was it C's turn to give the money
    2) odd one out (figures)
    3) data sufficiency (very easy , not very complicated like sum questions in r.s agarwal)
    4)data interpretation ( 5 questions., atleast 3 involving lots of calculations)
    5)place the sentences in order ( no preparation needed)

    time migjt b jus rite provided u do d.i at the last dont waste time in the beginning....
    the second part was english,   --30 minutes 40 questions
    it includes
    a>2  comprehension passage  followed by 5 question each( one big nd small nd easy ...keep the bigger one 4 the end)
    b>Error corrections
    c>fill in the blanks
    d>place the sentances in the proper order
    jus go through all the papers posted on this website , tat was a big help 4 me...

    the results wer announced after a few hours...h.r was on the next day
    at the hr intervew many people were asked technical questions though the way u answer is judged more the the answer it self
    my interview was almost towards the end, luckily my h.r was very sweet and encouraging
    -> he asked many general questions bout family, ambitions, strengths, weaknesses etc
    -> i also got few  puzzles, i cudnt answer 1...but use al the time given to u , atleast keep lookin at the paper
    ->he asked me wat i wud do if given the power to fly ??? b innovative in ur answers...
    ->then he asked me few questions bout  my proj...etc
    -> my leadership qualities and hw i can b part of a team....

    results were announced after a very long wait....98 wer shortlisted 4m 120

    just be confident and bold..the job will b urs, some people were called for a 2nd interview ( very few ), so dont get scared jus be prepared for anything....
    for a few of the other candidates words wer written on pieces of paper and they wer asked to tell the first thing tat came to mind...
    for eg---
    once/ time --- once upon a time
    cat cat cat cat cat ---- catalyst ( not sure)

    vitamin vitamin vitamin
    vitamin vitamin vitamin   ----  vitamin group ( many ppl had diff answers.. try to think of better ones)
    vitamin vitamin vitamin
    then mary was written and it struck across by an arrow.....really dono wat tat was may b sumthin to do wid the cross...cristianity etc
    alll the very best....dont panic , its not at all tough ....all depends on ur confidence level and attitude....take care


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