Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   ANITS,Visakhapatanam-19 May 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   ANITS,Visakhapatanam-19 May 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai Friends this is Shanmukhi from ANITS Vishakapatanam I am selected in the campus which was taken in our college on 19 of MAY. I was so tense but the selection method was dead easy so my friends just be confident and you can bag it.
    There was a PPT at first stage about Infosys according to me I strongly feel that you note down the statistics so that it may be useful to you in HR time.
    The second one in the process is to fill an application you have to fill it very carefully as it is very important and the HR will be asking Questions based on them. Calculate the total prior as it is there in the application form.

    The written exam was very difficult as there is no ample time so what i say guys is what you practice please practice it thoroughly so that you get good speed in it. Always adjust time.

    The English was very tough compared to the standards of RS Agrawal .It has 2 very lengthy pages occupying at least 2 passages so don?t start on it. Then you have the fill in the blanks of Phrases it is also difficult as we usually get carried of by the common English which we speak but it is different in this case as you have to give importance to tenses grammar and so on .And then there is Theme detection also it is Quiet easy but you should have prior practice .Then we have correction of sentences which are entirely different of RS Agrawal.

    Then comes the Reasoning the first one is based on Puzzle part then we have Series completion of Figures it is very easy. Then we Assertion and reasoning along with syllogism part. Guys what we have to remember is they usually mix two together like they mix assertion and reasoning with syllogism so practice well for it. then we have another Question from Puzzle test that?s it

    Coming to HR part it was dead easy. Usually old people come as Infosys HR so they scan you a lot hence be a bit carefully. For me the HR part is for about 30 minutes very typical part
    Me: Good afternoon Sir (with a broad smile) always be confident and first to greet.
    HR: Good afternoon Your Resume please.
    Me: I handed my Resume he told me to sign it and I did it
    HR: Asked few Questions on my name I answered them.
    HR: Okay tell me about you.
    Me: Gave brief description. taking two topics as speaking about me professionally and personally. In professional I explained all about my academics. In personal I explained how my friends would consider me how my lecturers would and how myself I am to me. He got very impressed never say the thing which is in the resume itself.
    HR: Tell me about your family background I told him.
    HR: Tell me how would you react if you see at late night a girl weeping a lot under a lamp (Situation reaction test)
    Me: I would just know what her problem really is and then take her to her house and try until last to solve the problem.
    HR: gave me a puzzle and asked to solve it
    there are 8 balls in which 7 are of same weight and one is lighter one. How would you find the lighter one by just 2 weigings.
    Me: first take six balls three in each if the needle is equal you can measure the other two. If it is not equal by measuring the three on which the needle bends second time we can find it.
    Here guys don?t get just tensed up just don?t solve it in you only discuss the problem with HR :also he really gets impressed.
    HR: What would you do if you are a educational minister.
    Me: Answered as three different aims.
    HR: Another puzzle
    Me: I couldn?t answer it.

    he asked mainly an my family background. So just use neutral English and be confident whether you know or not.

    Prepare well and best of luck for one and all.
    If you have any doubts just contact me through mail as

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