Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   A.C.E.T Amritsar-10 Apr 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   A.C.E.T Amritsar-10 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends... i m vikas bansal from B.Tech ECE 3rd year from G.N.D.U Main Campus Amritsar.Infy visited Acet Amritsar  nad we were also invited. They selected approx 120 candidates and i also got selected. Now i will share my experince with you.

    Firstly they gave their PPT then written test Started at 12:00 noon. It consisted of 2 papers. first was reasoning. It consisted of 6 sections of 5 ques each and 30 ques to be solved in 40 min.

    It consisted of following Sections:-
    1. Puzzle on classsification from RS agarwal.
    2.Ques on finding next image from given sequence.
    3. Data sufficiency.
    4. Data Interptation.
    6.Puzzle on Blood relation from RS Agrawal.

    Next was English Test. In that there were 40 ques to be solved in 35 min.
    1. 5 ques on long paragraph.
    2. 5 ques on short paragraph.
    3.7-8 ques on Filling the Blank/Completing sentence.
    4. 7-8 ques on Sentense correction.
    5. 7-8 ques on deriving conclusions from given paragraph.
    6. 5 ques on finding best alternative for underlined sentence.

    i attempted 28 from 1st test and 35 from 2nd test and cleared test.

    After that there was interview round. It was Very simple and just like One-to-one talk. They asked simple ques like meaning of ur name, ur family background, ur city, ques on ur hobbies and they asked puzzle to some candidates too.

    Tips:- for written Prepare above chapters from Verb-non Verbal from Rs agarwal and from Objective English too. for Interview Remain Confident, say with confident whatever u say and keep smiling. while solving puzzle in interview don't hesitate, keep on solving until they ask u to stop and give answer with confidence whether right or wrong. No need to refer Shukantla devi for puzzles in  written test bcoz pattern of Infy has been changed. maintain eye contact too.

    Best of luck to all of u............

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