Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   -27 May 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   -27 May 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    About Infosys Test and Interview


    It's no secret that the Gods for Infosys are George Summers and Shakuntala Devi.(George Summers for Analytical and S.Devi for Quant.) But, its the technique which needs to be stressed upon. There are hardly ever any repeated questions in the Infosys written process. But I have noticed that all the questions have a set pattern. They just replace the variables and objects of reference and frame new questions. Please do not focus on what are the answers to the questions in these books. You can be assured that none of them will be asked directly. (Even the guys at Infosys know that everybody will be reading up on these books) What matters is that you understand the technique to solve the problems. Shakuntala Devi is hopeless in this regard - but G.Summers is awesome in explaining the technique to solve each type of analytical problem. (For Quant techniques refer R.S.Agarwal).

    The English test is a piece of cake, but don t fall for the comprehension passage. Answer this question at the end of the test - it's time consuming. 

    INTERVIEW. The Infosys Interview technique is a very common process called "Behavioral Interviewing". ( Search google and you'll get more info). The questions are pretty straight forward and make you think.  There are HARDLY any technical questions. Infy doesn t ask too many technical questions - so don t start revising your core C/C++ fundas. What matter is your final year project. Be very clear on it's concepts and your role in it. If you were the proj. leader - be ready to answer questions on leadership and how you coordinated the team. If you were just a project member - be ready for questions on the roles of a team player and your role in the team. The next few questions may be analytical puzzles like: "I have two soft iron bars. One is a permanent magnet and the other is not. How will I come to know which is a magnet and which is a simple bar. You cannot break the bars and you can't suspend them" Remember one thing. What matters in questions like these is not whether you know the answer or how fast you can answer it. What matters is how you attempt to solve it. So think about the question for sometime. And if you cant get the answer, then start talking about the technique you are thinking off. Why some answer would be wrong and how some technique might help in getting the answer. They want to test whether your are capable of analytical thinking. That s all.    

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