Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   -18 Mar 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   -18 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends I am Subhransu. Infosys visited our college for on campus on 18 march 08.
    First of all I would like 2 thank and all those who have written various placement papers as they helped me a lot to b an infoscion.
    The selection procedure was same there were 2 rounds ,
    1> Written (reasoning and English)
    2>  Hr interviews (no tech interviews)
    The pre placement talk started exactly at 9.30. What a gr8 presentation, the delegates from infy had us bound 2 our seats for about 1 hr. then we moved 2 the test rooms. They provided us an application form n we had 2 fill it up. Ensure that u have your photograph and cv with u.
    The reasoning part was quite easy. It had 35 question and 40 min. it consisted of,
    1> 5 quest from syllogism
    2> 5 from data interpretation
    3> 5 from data sufficiency
    4> 5 from diagrammatic series
    5> I cant remember the other 5
    I would say it was easy n u may not need to study any books 4 this. 1 quest I remember was ,
    There is a cube of sides 10 cm. the cube is colored red and a green tape of 2 cm width is wrapped around it along its edges. Then the cube was cut into 125 eq pieces. Now there were 5 quest on it.
    1>How many faces have all 3 faces green
    2>How many faces have at least 2 faces caolured
    3> How many faces have 1 side green n 1 side red
    4> How many faces have no faces colored
    5> How many faces have 1 face colored
    The English section is what which u should worry for, 40 quest in 35 min, whoooosh.  2 large comprehensions ,5 quests for sentence correction n all, and u should b having a c at time in this section as it is the only fact here.
    Note 1 thing u clear the written and u r 90% infoscion. In our college 270 odd sat written but only 43 could clear. And 38 of them are placed in infy. C the nums. U clear the written n u r there.
    My interview was taken by an elderly person around 50. He was so friendly though I was the last person 2 b interviewed.
    Me. May I come in sir?
    Hr. yes Subhransu please com in.
    Me. Good afternoon sir (after entering)
    Hr.  good afternoon have a seat ( don?t sit until u r asked 2)
    Me. thank u sir
    Hr. so Subhransu how do u rate yourself for the job field
    Me. Sir though I m a little inexperienced in job field I would rate myself 8 on 10. Then I described him how I fit into the job sector ( he was  impressd)
    Hr. what r the challenges u have faced in yr lyf
    Me. Answered
    Hr. can u b a good manager and y
    Me . answered
    Then he asked me two puzzles but I couldn?t solve both. But I tried my best and showed him my approach. Then he asked me on my project. He was asking every tit and bit of it hence prepare your project report thoroughly. He asked what r the mags I read. As I said autocar he asked few quest from them. Then he handed me the form and said 2 sign on it. After this I knew I have got thru. Then he asked me what do  I want to ask him. I asked him about the training procedure after that it was over
    As I was the last candidate the results came very soon. Thank GOD I got through. Cracking the interview in infy is easy as all u have 2 do as keep yourself cool and polite. Don?t get nervous n u r there.

    Think I have written a lot thank u for reading this long. All the best for infy hope 2 c u there.

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