Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   -10 Apr 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Other   -10 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello frnds.At BMIET Sonpt. Infosys conducted a joint campus pool drive. in which about 1100 students of 2009 batch participated & finally 120 were selected & i was among them.. It was my first test. Now to help u all here is my experience :-
    Infosys first conduct a written test & then a HR interview.

    WRITTEN TEST :- Infosys first conducted a written test. the duration of written test was 40 min.
    There was 30 ques to solve. all were very easy ques. if u do all of them sincerely then u can clear the written. Types of ques generally included in written are :-

    • very basic maths ques (u don?t require any practice for solving these ques).
    • 4 to 5  figures were given & by observing them we have to find out that what will be the next fig. 4 options were there for these ques.
    • Data was given to us & we have to collect that data for solving problems. About 5 to 6 ques were there which we have to solve using that data..
    • A figure was given in which we were given that a% of students study science, b% of study maths & so on & again using this data we have to solve 5 to 6 ques.

    After that we get our second paper.the contents of that paper was :-

    • first 2 ques were just like the written section as u all have seen in u?r 10th & 12th classes.
    • Next, we have ques in which we have a line & in that line some portion was underlined (that was grammatically incorrect). 4 options was, there we have to select the right one  which replaces that line correctly.

    The interviewer was very nice person. Firstly he asks me that frm which college I belong to. he asks me abt  the outside environment. The ques which he asked frm me were :-
    *what?s the full-form of G.T in G.T road .
    *what?s my extra-curricular  activities
    *my favorite game.
    *what?s the definition of database.
    Then he asked 3 puzzles, the puzzles were :-
    *u have a boat & a scale how will u measure u?r weight.
    *from 1 m cube how many 10 cm3 can be made.
    *find out the odd man out in the series
       to clear u?r interview just remember 3 things
    *listen to u?r ques, think abt it for 30 sec & then give u?r answers.
    *if u don?t know the ques then simply say I don?t know.
    *don?t bluff the interviewer. Be honest.   

    So, see u in INFOSYS.

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