Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-29 Dec 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-29 Dec 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frnnds  R U Going 2 attend infosys exam be cool it z a cool test pattern(If u prepare atleast for aweak). K coming 2 test pattern it comprises of 2 sections 

    2. VERBAL

    plz do refer d following -----------misssing figure series(5M) ,  puzzle test(10M--15M) , General aptitude quests Coming 2 verbal dont leave d reading comprehensions at any cost n practise time cat r icet material 

    1-5..question frm puzzle test--------there r 6 horses n 6 stabs r there n given some hintsn by changing there positons asked which horse is there in 3rd place 6th place etc..
    6-10.missing figure series--------practice well
    11-16.General Aptitude
    16-20.a chart has been given asked some questions based on it.
    20-25.puzzle test questions

    2 Reading Comprehensions(too long but very easy)etc 

    with a lot of fear I entered d room(as ds z my frst mnc interview) the interveiwer z a middle aged person frm Electronis bak grnd
    I: opened d door of interview room n asked excuse me sir
    HE :yes come in miss
    I: am preparing 2 wish him meanwhile he asked me take my seat(I thought oh!this z d first bad impression)
    HE: k miss give me ur cv
    I: i hav gven it wthout signing he asked me to sign on it
    HE: k do u hav mobile
    I: yes sir
    HE: k do u know how wat is internal process dat happens wen u make a call(as am frm ECE bakgrnd he has his quest)
    I: i replied it hardly recollecting  my cs(sub)but he z not satisfied n some more questions frm it
    HE: I think u r nervous
    I: yes sir this my first interview
    HE:be cool may r so nervous n asked me will u bring ur parents daily f give job 2 u
    I: no sir(with a smiling face wich i tried 2 mange tll d end of interview)
    HE: hav shav some fruits(wch r on his table) 
    HE:asked me tell abt myself
    I: coming  2 project he interupted me asking questions ina deeper way even wich we cant expect.I failed 2 answer them
    HE: hav u done dis project by urself
    I: yes sir .actually i havent brushed up
    HE;how how ca u forget shall i say i forgotten to short list ur name
    I: (i got tears into my eyes)
    HE: talk for 2min on any topic
    I: tried max for 1.25min
    HE: asked abt my family in a very frndly way that  even i hav forgotten that am in d inetrview room stared telling him
    HE: asked a puzzle.made a glass with afruit like thing in it with 5 matvh sticks n asked me 2 make any 2 moves bring the fruit out of it(gave me only 10secs of time)
    I; tried but he havnt accepted wen he z going 2 ask next quest i saud sir i got it
    HE: k leave it next quest(actually  i didnt got the puzzle then also)
    HE: wat r ur plans abt will u manage after gettng married
    I: answered in laughable way
    HE:k u will geta job in infosys r some other company(like that he zasking something) i interrupted him saying no sir INFOSYS is my dream company.
    HE: how can we solve punjagutta traffic prblm
    I: by constructing fly over
    HE: (had a big smile) n said ktellme simple way other than construction
    I: answered but he havnt convnced with that
    HE: wat will ur family wen u all meet
    I:we will watch tv
    HE: thats y u got sight
    I:just laughed
    HE: k miss
    I; do i need 2 wait
    He;no need will mail u

    I prayed d god waited for results. Finnaly after 20 days of my exam i got mail frm infosys. I hav beeen selected . n going to join infosys traing 0n 28th of jan. So, guys prepare well n do well in the interview(concentrate on how u express rather than wat u express). 


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