Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-21 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-21 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Myself is Sourav RoyChaudhury,persuing my 3rd yr from Techno India College of Technology,Rajarhat New Town...and have recently got through INFOSYS.Before I share my experience i like to thank all those who shared their experiences in the prvious columns,my parents and to all my well-wishers.

    From the very PPT u will learn dat INFY z a very strict and disciplined company and they always demands quality  and not quantity...they generally do no cum wid specific number of offer letters.It was around 9:30am (21st feb) our PPT was followed by APTITUDE  TEST...around 11am........the results came out in two slots.4 colleges participated in the process(our colg,techno india(saltlake),asansol engg colg and siliguri insti of tech)....We got our results at about 4 pm or so and headed for the interview.1168 participated in the process,206 cleared apti and finally 137 got through(36 from my colg). 

    APTITUDE TEST: Well its the most difficult section of the whole process,a major eliminating round you can say !! The aptitude test consist of two sections

    Der z sectional cut-off in each section its around 60% in LR part and 50% in negative marking but there is hit-ratio cut off so never do any kind of blind guessing becuse many many of my frnds got rejected for dat.Put right information on the HR form given at the time of ur apti,I personally found it very confusing. 

    Series completion,data sufficiency,data interpretation,1 puzzle,syllogisms,1 problem ( no quanti in INFY) 

    logical fill in the blanks,grammar,correct the sentence,sentence ordering,2 huge paragraphs......time management is most important in this section.

    My interview started at round 8pm,there were 25 panels who interviewed 206 candidates and the whole process lasted for about 3 hrs or so.

    ME:  Sir,May I
    HR : yes cum in,take ur seat
    me: gud evening sir !!
    hr:   he was an old gentleman about 65 yrs old,he looked at my HR form for about 30 secs and then asked me okk    sourav,wat does ur name mean?
    me: it means fragrance.
    hr : tell me sumthing abt you which is not mentioned in the hr form
    me: I am an amicable person,wid a good sense of humour....luv to interact wid people and i m ready to accept any kind of challenges thrown before me.i blv in d principles of honesty and dignity and aspire to make it big in my life ahead.
    hr: (impressed) well,so why do u think dat u r amicable?
    me: becuse i hav very good public relationships and i m loved by all in all locality,school,colg etc...
    hr: he again looked at my hr form n asked is PATHA BHAVAN( I did my +2 frm der) an english medium school?
    me: yes sir.
    hr: is it in santinikatan,the famous patha bhavan founded by rabindranath tagore...
    me: no sir,its in kolkata and its a purely english medium school,it has nothing to deal wid santinikatan.(INFY generally looks for  english medium background,no bengali medium students were selected in our colg)
    hr: ok!!! tell me abt ur family background
    me: answered
    hr: wat r ur hobbies?
    me: working out in gym and playing guitar
    hr: define exercise
    me: answered
    hr: wat kind of instruments r der in your gym?
    me: answered....explained also
    hr: now look at my figure..........wat kind of exercise r suitable for me....wat do u suggest? (it looks simple but actually he was testing how do i instruct people)
    me: answered...........explained which exercise he should do and its benefits
    hr(impressed): ok good...thank you for your valuable suggestions.....well sourav how innovative you r?
    me: yes sir i m innovative........i compose my own tunes in guitar....u can call it an innovation
    hr: how do you define innovation
    me: answered
    hr: will you able to deliver it in your work?
    me: yes sir,i will try my level best.
    hr: ok,sourav can you tell me wat z d difference between a leader and a manager?( the most difficult ques i hav faced)
    me: answered somehow
    hr: wat r d qualities of a good leader?
    me: smart,deligent,can maintain healthy relation widin d team,can extract d best frm its worst teaman,can motivate others...etc etc
    hr: do u think ricky ponting z a good leader?
    me: yes sir,he is from d cricketing point of view.
    hr: well,suppose u r ponting and due to long hairs andrew symonds is not able bowl properly,but he refused to tie up d hair out of fashion,wat will u do?
    me: he is playing for his nation n as a captain i will never compromise wid the spirit of the first i will give him a warning and i will drop him.
    hr:(smiled) well sourav sign in here(he gave me a form).dats wen i realised i got d job.once infy sign you up in the interview,you realise you have got through.
    me: thank you sir.
    hr: so describe your ideal project leader.
    me: should me smart,responsible,should guide me,no bossy attitude
    hr: if he is not responsible n not honest wid his work,wat will you do?
    me: i blv INFY never recruits such personalities,i have full faith in your company and even if it is i will just give him a hint and he should be amart and intelligent enough to realise his faults........
    hr: ok sourav thank you,you can leave now n best of luck
    me: thank you sir,have a nice day.

    dats how it was on 21st night,at about 10pm the final list was announced and I become an INFOSCION. 


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