Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   MIT,Moradabad-6 Feb 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   MIT,Moradabad-6 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends , this is mohit rana from M.I.T. ,MORADABAD.. Infy came to our college for campus recruitment on 6th feb Apart from our college 3 other colleges sat for the drive & 119 out 650 of dem(including me !!) were selected frm my college there are 31 selections...I exactly don`t remember the number frm other colleges.. The ppt started at 9am & person frm infy told us each & every thing. The Mysore campus where we will be having our training was simply awesum.. Be attentive in the ppt.. notedown some quick favts about infy??.

    Then the written test started, prior to starting we were made to fill form of infosys.


     The test as usual consisted of  2 sections: (there is no negative marking) 

    1. Logical Reasoning  

    logical reasoning consisted of 30ques. in 40mins. the questions were::

    1-5, a puzzle based prob. (rs agarwal type, but more ticky rather than difficult)

    6-10, figure probs (too easy, practice some frm rs)

    11-16, data sufficiency prob. (rs agarwal sufficient, very easy)

    17-20, data interpretation based on bar graph (simple but involves lengthy n precise calculation, better to attempt at last)

    21-24, another puzzle (rs type, but try to be attentive for d clues given. It can b a bit tricky n lengthy)

    25-30, syllogism ques (too easy, follow d venn diagram method)

    Time management is very important, many of friends were not able to solve ol d ques. then d ques paper was taken, generally all of u will be able to crack this paper particularly

    Within time given??..u just need to be a bit quick.


    2. English 

    n english ques paper was given..PLEASE Refer to some CAT material coz its level is really very high n it?s a  real time game coz u need to do 40 ques in 30-35 mins the question pattern was ::

    1-5 , reading comprehension (particularly in my paper it was very tough n lengthy so be prepared)

    6-10, reading comprehension (the level in my paper was as for first one but generally second one is given short n easy?.n ques given on rc r not direct rather than theme detection type)

    11-20, fill in the blanks (pls refer BARRON?s GRE)

    21-30, choose correct sentence from 4 given sentences (not easy 1`s so b carefull as there is only a slight difference n u hv to select which is more grammatically correct pls refer WREN n MARTIN)

    31-40, u have to choose wich title suits best for d above given paragraph.

    Be careful for english part coz most of the candidates get rejected here only.. Time management is must!!! Solve RC`s at last..Though I did 2 rc?s in initial13mins (as I hav alwez been strong in comprehension ) & hence got 22mins to solve the rest 30 ques from grammar wich i did at last!!

    so plan the paper according to your strength!! 


    after d test results were announced in 2 hours, i was very glad to note tat i was selected.. As dere was sectional cut-off which is around 60% for reasoning & 50 % for english, very less students from my college get selected.. After written results, with no time delay HR interviews started. A panel of 6 HR`s came who were taking interview in 6 different interview rooms. Mostly of dem were aged between 40-55. But dey were too gentle to d candidates..

    but interview of our college students took place next morning in college campus??

    Mine was a person of around 50. he was nice n asked me some common ques. he gave me 3 puzzles,

    I am giving ques as wre asked for ur interest??



    ME: may I come in sir?

    HR: yes come in??.hav d seat.

    ME: thank you sir.

    HR: are you having any backlogs?

    ME: no sir

    (then he gave me 2-3 forms to write name n sign on)

    HR: so tell me about yourself?

    ME: told

    (in between he asked about my native place n generally there is no technical but he may ask basics of core subjects or summer training or project  as frm mine??)

    HR: what is embedded system?

    ME: told

    HR: what are its applications?

    ME: told

    HR: what are its advantages?

    ME: told

    HR: so your hobby is reading ?..which type of books do you read?

    ME: told

    HR: which book do you find to be best?

    ME: ?WINGS OF FIRE? by Mr. Abdul Kalam

    HR: why?

    ME: told

    (he gave me puzzles to find volume of a stepler,surface area of spects case n a ques about dice?s edges just try to apply some approch to it.)

    After then

    HR: who is president of India?

    ME: told

    HR: her husband?

    ME: sorry sir

    HR: who is defence minister?

    ME: (I told it wrong)

    HR: who is president of Bangladesh?

    ME: told

    HR: which type of govt is there in Nepal?

    ME: told

    HR: what is going on in America?

    ME: told each n every thng about presidential election process

    HR: what has been there recently in last two days?

    ME: sorry sir I don?t know as I couldn?t read newspaper properly for last 3 days preparing for infy.

    HR: ok fine? may leave now

    ME: thank you sir?.hav a nice day..

    (n I came out)


    My interview lasted for around 15mins. All dey chk for is ur communication skills n confidence.. They want persons with excellent communication skills.. N one more thing once u hav cleared d written, almost 75% of ur selection is confirmed. Rejections at HR is less.. So focus well on written part coz its the biggest barrier & once u cross it, u r almost through!!!

    After the interviews got over, in about 30mins, final results were announced, i was veryyyyyyy glad dat i was selected..Celebrations were ol around as this was d 2nd  company in which i sat & cracked it !!!

    So friends cracking infy is not a difficult task.. All u need is some smart-work, good communication skills & confidence as well as conviction in urself. I would like to thank from the depth of my heart for the support they provided by providing blogs & papers like this, which actually helps the candidates to crack the companies.. I would also like to thank my parents,my faculty & my friends who provided me support n care!!!

    With this, i bid best wishes to you all!!!


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