Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Manipal Learning Services,Secundrabad-20 Feb 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Manipal Learning Services,Secundrabad-20 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi i am krishna.iam Btech(biotechnology} 2006 passout  i got selected into infosys...on feb 20th.first of all thanx to all those who posted valuable experiences in freshersworld.
    i have given an online exam on march 20th morning and the results were announced within 30min after the exam and they immediately called the shortlisted 4 interview nd iam 1 of them.

    Two interviewers were in the panel 1male and 1 female...
    i went into the room n wished them..they asked me to take my seat nd then my resume..plz be thorough wid wat u wrote in ur resume..
    here are few questions i came across in the interview..they may be useful to u...

    1)INT:wat did u do for all these 10 months frm the day of passing out?(iam a 2006 pass out}
    2)INT:being frm a nonIT bacground how do u think u can suit for infosys? talk abt logical skills u have etc..,
    3)INT:tell me about ur project?
    4) He gave me 1 topic n asked to talk abt it 4 1 min.?i am given 30 secs to think onit. The topic was `Challenges being faced by India`
     here they are trying to check ur communication skills.
    5) He gave me 6 matchsticks and asked me to make 6 equilateral triangles. we need to make it in the shape of STAR here they are going to check ur nervousness.Although i dint solve it iam not nervous   tats wat matters so be careful
    6)INT:Tell me something abt infosys? so gather some info abt infy and it will be helpful like whos the chairman,MD,total employees in infy, NASDAQ aspect etc.,
    7)he gave me a situation which is as follows: Ur car got stuck on a railway line and thers no one around u...and the train will come in 5 mins wat would u do?
    i said tat i will try till the 4th min to push my car off the track and if it is not possible i will take the imp. documents i the car and
    move off.
    here they are trying to check ur thinking ability...there`s no single answer 4 this question.

    Last but not the least be sure wid wat u wrote in ur resume and b confident..tats it it isn`t that tough to get into infosys....
    .all the best

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