Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Mahindra College Of Engg, Salem-6 Jun 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Mahindra College Of Engg, Salem-6 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am from Erode Sengunthar Engg college,Erode atended Infosys Off-campus at Mahindra Engg College, Salem on 5 and 6th of June 2007 and selected for Infosys.I will give you my experiences and opinions.I think Infosys is not very tough ,the matter is to clear the written test.

    The written test have been changed at Infosys. It`s not like the one at the last years containing mostly puzzles, it`s now containing only questions on Data Sufficiency, Data Interpretation, Syllogism, paragraph and the like but no any single puzzle or maths-aps question. The question pattern is

    Logical Reasoning - 30 questions - 40 mins
    Verbal Reasoning - 40 questions - 35 mins

    The time for logical reasoning is more enough but the time for verbal reasoning is not well enough so try to manage the time in verbal reasoning. The verbal reasoning contains two paragraph questions containing each five questions from the respective paragraph.while answering paragraph questions first study the questions and search the answer inthe paragraph which may save you some amount of time. verbal reasoning also contains  correcting scentences(grammatical mistakes) and choosing the correct synonymns etc.For logical reasoning r.s.agarwal`s non verbal reasoning book is enough.the nine rules of syllogism given r.s.agarwal`s is very useful for answering syllogism questions, it fetch you atleast one mark.

    Infosys campus interview have only two rounds . the written test and HR interview.I have been selected for HR interview along with other 30 members.(31 members were selected from 654 members at the written test so,be careful at Infosys, Written test is the Elimination process).My interview was only 5-10 mins.

    HR  : Good Morning,take your seat.
    I      : Very Good Morning Mam.

    HR  :Which college are you from?
    I      :Erode Sengunthar Engg College,Mam.

    HR  :Who is running this ?
    I      :It is by a trust named Erode Sengunthar Educational Trust, Mam.

    HR  :OK.Tell me what are the advanced communicaton techniques you know.
    I      :Digital Video Processing,Wi-Max,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi.

    HR  :What are all the advantages of these all? 
    I      : Wi-Max increses the hot-centres for internet capabilities for a lap-top.......

    HR  :did you done anything apart from your academics ?
    I      :yes Mam I presented a paper on Nanotechnology ,functioned as an executive member of my department association as   an effective memeber of my college Youth Red Cross ,Leo Club etc..

    HR  :Did you contribute any new ideas to your association functions as an executive member?
    I      :yes Mam .I and some of my friends have changed formal way of organising committees for our association functions...........

    HR  :Do you have any Questions ?
    I      :yes Mam.If  I  got selected, do I want to study any special computer courses?

    HR  :we, at Infosys dont want you to study any extra computer courses we just want you to maintain your consistency in your semester marks and academics.we train you at the training what we want you to learn.    
    I     :Yes Mam thank you.

    HR  :OK. you can go.
    I      : Have a nice day, Mam.                

    Then the interview was over and the results were announced after one hour and I have been selected along with other 25 members .From then I will be an ``INFOSCION``.


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