Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   LNCT Bhopal-21 Jan 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   LNCT Bhopal-21 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, 
    This is mahendra a student of jnct bhopal (a sister concern of lnct bhopal). infy gives the toughest written test than any that of any company.
    The test paper consists of two papers first one is of logical reasoning containing 30 questions in 30 mins. no negative marking is there...
    All the reasoning Questions includines the following........

    1. Deductive reasoning
    2. Smple reasoning (diagrams)
    3. A paragraph will, be given n the reasoning questions will be asked on the basis of paragraph (very easy questions thes r)
    4. A graph would b given n questions will b asked on the basis of that graph (easy but time taking)

    The second paper is of complete english. very long paper it is, containins 40 ques n the time to solve is 35 mins.... this paper is very tough...includes
    1.unseen passage (never read the passage first. first see the questions asked after that find the answers in the  passage for better time management.
    2.small passages were given to u n the best summary will b asked.... also tthe title for the passage may b asked....
    3.fill in the blank wid the appropiate sentence
    4. correct the wrong sentence

    After giving the written i quickly went to other college to give l& t infotech.... i hav filled all the entries of answersheet ther n just the paper was about to b distributed... i got the call that i have been selected... i gave back my answer sheet n run to my bike to lnct.....i ipicked my tie n wear it n on a call for my name i entered the room for interview. As the interviewer was very far away from the gate i didnt ask for the permission to enter...

    I: a very gud evening sir
    Int:yes gud eve have ur seat
    I: thank u sir
    Int:give me ur cv
    I gave my cv
    Int: mr mahendra u have not signed ur cv
    I; sorry sir n signed it
    Int: tell me ur family background
    I told evrything
    Int:to which cities the potatoes from u r supplied
    I told
    int: hiow many trucks u load usually per day
    i; on avg 2 or 3 n also depends on the availability of trucks
    int:okay wat r ur interests
    i: cooking
    int: oh wat can u cook veg or non veg
    i: only veg in semi veg i can cook egg curr very tasty
    int: do u eat non veg
    i: yes sir
    int: okay mahendra tell me about efi system as i have wriiten that i have presented paper on the (electronic fuel injection system)
    i told everything about it
    int: wat about maruti 800
    I; its using mpfi system
    i told
    int: tell me more abt efi
    i:told everything so that he was impressed
    int:dear so u r a cricketeri: my gud luck sir
    in:wat u do in the game
    i:medium pace bowling
    in: wher do u field
    i: at point
    int:then u r the specialist of fielding
    i: sir i m, as  it is considere that the point fielder is the specialist of the fielding
    int:okay mahendra there r two bars one is magnet n other is iron  looking same will u judge wich one is magnet
    i tried but couldnt solve
    int; there r three pots equidistance from each other. u have to place a 4th pot at equidistance from all these threes where will u place...
    i: sir i wont b comfortable with puzzles
    int:oh my dear mahendra these r not puzzles ,the r just approaches
    i: itry to my level best
    int: okay
    i found the anwer in just less than 30 seconds n shooted it

    he was very  very impressed n asked to leave i wished last time n come out from the room.... after that i went to have a cup of tea i was very happy  n i was make known that there is also a second phase of interview.....fortyunately i reached at time there

    second phase, this i asked before entry

    int: r u indian
    i: yes sir
    int: i dont think sooo
    i: wat happened sir
    int: u have placed blank the cloumn of citizenship in ur proforma 
    i: sorry sir n filled it that time
    int :why didnt u
    i: i forgot sir
    int: u know mahendra u got second highest marke in written test n i dont expect these type of non sense things from a student like u.
    i: sori sir,xtremly very sori
    int:how was the interaction in ur 1st interview
    i:it was nice
    int:wat was nice in it
    i: sir the man taking my interview was very cool
    int werent u cool 
    i: i was too sir
    int: okay this was the interation b/w both of us u may leave now

    i said thanks n came out from tha room after that interview i was very tense.....because i dont want to come back after reaching the final stage.

    frens after that i again went to have the tea.... before reaching back the results were announced n i was selected in final 13 students if my college. frens if u have cleared the written of infy ... u have 90% selected......but in written try to good better


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