Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   lingaya College Of Engg, Faridabad-22 Mar 2007

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   lingaya College Of Engg, Faridabad-22 Mar 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Da Interview I faced at infy was a life time memory.........

    I was interview at 4:30 pm on march22,2007

    There was only 1 HR person in da room, vid a smile on my face I entered da room n wished him good afternoon, da interviewer asked for my cv n documents, after finishing up vid all da pprs formalities, He asked me bout my family, I told him bout ma parents n ma bro whose working in DLF n is a engg+ MBA, so his nxt ques was further studies (PG), I said NO, den he asked me bout hobbies n den line of questions were asked on my hobbies n I answered all of dem vid confidence n smile(2 most imp things to carry thru out da interview), den a  logical question was asked.....

    Interviewer : How r u feeling in dis room.
    Me: dis room is pleasnt (coz A.C. was on)
    Interviewer: if i want to raise da temp. by 5 degree den what will u do..?
    Me: I'l switch off da A.C. den da temp. will rise up automatically.
    Interviewer : it will take some extra time if i want to get dat done in 10 mins den .....?
    Me: I'l open da window n door simultaniously.
    Interviewer : if  u cant do dat too den.....?
    Me: I set some bone fire in da room
    Interviewer: How....?
    Me: I'l set da table on fire (da table he was having in da room was of wood dats y i said da table)
    Interviewer : I dont smoke u dont have match stick den how will u generate fire....?
    Me: I'l generate fire vid short circuit......

    (I think he was looking for dis answer only, he smiled n said good)

    Interviewer: any question u want to ask?
    Me: Have I answered all question in da way u wanted or required....?
    Interviewer: ur answer will be given u shortly when we'll send da list of da selected candidates...
    Me:ok sir
    Interviewer: u can go now...
    Me thankyou sir.... good day 

    Interviewer: good day....

    (plz maitain ua smile , confidence, right posture of body thru out) 

    finally I got da job n I wish u all da bst.....

    hope to c u @ INFOSYS

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