Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kolkata-7 Mar 2008

Infosys  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kolkata-7 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Name: SUMIT KUMAR DEY (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Pre-Final Year)
    Hello friends, I have just cracked Infosys on 7th March 2008. Now I am here to share my experience, which I think may help u if u are really determined to crack INFOSYS. Our compassing was held at JIS College, Kalyani. Three colleges of JIS group participate in it.

    After the PPT section it was the time for Aptitude test, which I think, was the major eliminating round, but it was not so tough. It was quite easy than the puzzles of Sakuntala Devi. Actually the pattern is totally changed.

    The aptitude test was conducted in two phases ?
    1>Logical Reasoning (30 ques in 40 min)
    2>Verbal Reasoning (40 ques in 35 min) 

    There were 2 big passages in the verbal section and the grammar section was quite easy. There were some questions of fill in the blanks, prepositions, correction of sentences and others.
    In the logical section there were two puzzles, one was p, q, r, s, t? and their relation with age & the subjects they read.
    The another one was about buying and selling diff. Types of shares (A, B, C, D, E, F) in diff. months, like 1st April, 1st May, 1st June? and then at last u had to calculate total profit, and individual profits of diff. shares.
    There were some ques of syllogism along with some pictorial problems also. I think that the logical part was a bit tough, and time consuming.
    In this section 88 students qualified out of 673 students in all. From our college 26 qualified out of 199 students.

    The HR round was quite easy. All the interviewers were aged person, so you should show respect to them. Before entering into the interview-room make yourself comfortable with the surrounding situation.   
    ME: May I come in sir?
    HR: Yes come in.
    ME: Good afternoon sir.
    HR: Good afternoon Sumit, please have your seat.
    ME: Thank you sir.
            In the mean time he reached out his hand for a handshake.
    HR: Ok, Sumit tell me about yourself which is not mentioned in this form. (Actually, we had to fill up a form provided by Infosys before         the ppt section.)
    ME: Answered. (as I mentioned, I am honest to my work & hardworking, so he asked me, can I prove those things? I gave some       examples and tried to prove. He was satisfied.)
    HR: What are social works you have done or you want to do for this society?
    ME: Answered. (I said that I wanted to help the poor and needy)
    HR: Are you comfortable with your friends and your co workers?
    ME: Answered.
    HR: Have you ever worked as a team member?
    ME: Answered.
    HR: Have you become a team leader before?
    ME: Answered & he was very satisfied with my answer.
    HR: Ok, Sumit, think of a situation: you are driving a car, which has only 2 seats. It is raining heavily outside. You reach a bus stop, and find that 3 persons are standing there. The first person is a very beautiful girl who is perfect as your life partner, the second is an old woman who needs to be hospitalized immediately, and the third is your best friend. You can lift only one of them in your 2-sitter car. Whom would you lift, and why?  
    ME: Answered & explained reasons.
    HR: Please sign here.
    ME: Signed.
    HR: From where you collect your knowledge?
    ME: I mentioned: internet, newspaper, literacy & for academic knowledge follow ref books.
    HR: Ok, Sumit nice to meet with you.
    He shook hands once again with me.
    ME: Thank you sir. Have a nice day.

    I was very satisfied with my interview and quite sure about my selection.
    Among 88 students (who qualified the aptitude test) 51 were selected, 10 students out of 26 students from my college. Result was declared on that very day. 

    So, BEST OF LUCK to all of you & always believe U CAN DO THIS!!!

    Thank you,
    Sumit Kumar Dey

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